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Youma (妖魔; Bewitching Demon) is the generic term for the monsters-of-the-day created by the Dark Kingdom.


At the beginning of the first season of the anime, the Youma did not have a set phrase for when they were destroyed, and in fact, often did not say anything at all. Once Sailor Moon started using Moon Healing Escalation, the Youma would cry "Refresh!" when they were cured.

Youma Owned by Jadeite[edit]

Jadeite's Youma were always monsters that were called upon to drain energy from groups of humans by using objects (clocks, jewelry, flowers, etc.) which were increasingly popular at the time.

Youma Owned by Nephrite[edit]

Nephrite's Youma were monsters that possessed certain objects selected by Nephrite himself. The objects (a pencil, a camera, a tennis racket, etc.) were used by skillful people, and when possessed by the Youma, helped increase the person's skill and energy to their highest levels. At that point, the Youma would drain all of their energy and emerge from the object.

Youma Owned by Zoisite[edit]

Zoisite's first few Youma were summoned by him to spy on and attack Nephrite as part of his efforts to usurp his fellow Shitennou's position.

Youma Owned by Queen Beryl[edit]

Queen Beryl twice used her own Youma; the first assisted Jadeite, and the others were deployed to attack the Sailor Senshi as they made their way to D Point.

The Seven Great Youma[edit]

The Seven Great Youma were the seven strongest Youma that served Queen Beryl during the attack on the Silver Millennium. They were sealed into fragments of the Silver Crystal, the Rainbow Crystals, and reincarnated inside of normal humans and a cat. When the Rainbow Crystals were removed from their hosts, the Youma inside took over.

Youma Created by Zoisite[edit]

Zoisite attempted to turn Naru into a Youma with the Black Crystal, but missed and transformed an actor instead.

Youma Created by Kunzite[edit]

Kunzite's Youma were summoned by taking possession of a human or a group of humans.

Other Youma[edit]

Live Action Series[edit]

In Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, most of the Youma were never given names (even in official publications), nor were they summoned in a consistent manner. Several of them were created from special stones that were infused into objects, turning the object into a Youma, but most of them simply appeared when summoned.

After Queen Metalia's power began to grow exponentially in reaction to the Silver Crystal's power, a new type of Youma began to emerge. These new, black-cloaked Youma, who were all identical in appearance, were weaker than previous ones, but appeared only in groups. In Act 41, Metalia also summoned a single, powerful Youma which drained energy from people throughout Tokyo, leaving them comatose. In Act 45, Metalia herself possessed this Youma, but she was forced back out by Sailor Venus before Sailor Moon destroyed the Youma.

In the Final Act, Princess Sailor Moon summoned a group of white-clad Youma to delay the Sailor Senshi so they could not stop her from destroying the Earth. In the Special Act, Queen Mio summoned two Youma, Sword and Shield, who actually were given names. Along with them, she also used a group of clown-like Youma called "Pierrot."


In the musical Gaiden Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen and its revision, there was a Youma named Manegin who disguised herself as Haruna Sakurada, and had other Youma minions serving her. This Youma reappeared in the Sailor Moon Super Spring Festival along with the DD Girls, who were also present in the first two musicals.


In the video game Sailor Moon for Super Famicom, there were three original Youma characters designed by Naoko Takeuchi: HiraHira, MuchiMuchi, and GoroGoro. Manegin also appeared in Sailor Moon for the Mega Drive.


  • In the Viz dub of the anime, Youma were simply referred to as "monsters."