Final Act - The Five Sailor Senshi Surpassed Their Previous Lives

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Princess Sailor Moon is consumed by her grief and uses the Silver Crystal to destroy the planet.


PGSM Episode
Endymion and Serenity restore the world,
at the cost of their lives
Name (kanji/kana): 前世をのりこえた5人の戦士たち
Name (romaji): Zense wo Norikoeta Go-nin no Senshi-tachi
Name (translated): The Five Sailor Senshi Surpassed Their Previous Lives
Episode Number: 49
Director: Kenzo Maihara
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: September 25, 2004
Previous Episode: Act 48 - Mamoru is Captured by Metalia!
Next Episode: Special Act - We're Getting Married!

Sailor Moon kneels in an open cavern, cradling Prince Endymion's body and staring vacantly at nothing. Makoto, Ami, and Rei enter and watch her with concern, and when Queen Beryl arrives they drag her unresponsive form away protectively. Beryl only looks sadly at Endymion, then demands to know why the Princess had to take everything away from her, calling her the only evil. Makoto angrily says that Sailor Moon saved the planet from Queen Metalia, but Beryl points out that she also killed Endymion.

This wakes Sailor Moon from her lethargy, as she realizes the magnitude of what she has done. She screams Endymion's name, and in a surge of golden light transforms into Princess Sailor Moon. The Princess declares that she will destroy the planet along with Endymion, and the ground begins to shake. Jadeite appears to protect Beryl, and the two of them vanish just as the Princess sends a volley of stones flying toward them. When the dust clears, the three Senshi see the Princess walking away slowly, her sword in her hand; Ami tries to chase after her but is sent flying by a burst of power from the sword. The girls realize that if she would even attack them, she might just destroy the planet, and therefore they have to fight her. Determined, the three transform into their Senshi forms and chase after the Princess.

The Princess summons a group of white-clad Youma to stop the Senshi. Calling upon the power of their respective planets and elements, they transform their Sailor Star Tambourines into weapons: for Sailor Mercury, a sword; for Sailor Mars, a pair of daggers (made from both her Tambourine and Sailor Venus'); for Sailor Jupiter, a spear. The three of them get past the Youma and reach the Princess just before she reaches a low platform. She glances back at them and summons more Youma, then steps up onto the platform. Once there, she begins to glow with golden light, and the ground shakes.

Queen Beryl watches silently as the Dark Kingdom crumbles around her. Jadeite tries to get her to leave, but she refuses and instead takes her spell off of him. Despite that, he still stays by her side, saying that he has chosen her as his master.

Though the Senshi fight valiantly, they cannot prevail against the stronger Youma. Princess Sailor Moon calls upon the power of the Silver Crystal and floats up into the air, glowing with an intense light. The Senshi despair that they cannot stop her, and the past will repeat itself despite their efforts. Sailor Mercury screams out Usagi's name, but the Princess releases her power and sends out a wave of total destruction.

Human Luna and Artemis watch as the wave of destruction approaches them, realizing what is happening. Usagi's friends and family are likewise caught up in the wave which grows to engulf the entire Earth.

Princess Sailor Moon stands alone in an empty desert, and as she surveys her surroundings Usagi realizes what has happened. She drops to her knees and begins to sob. Endymion appears before her and she rushes to him, upset because she was unable to keep her promise not to destroy the world. He tells her that it isn't over yet, and to use the Silver Crystal's power to save the world instead. She gladly agrees, even when he tells her that it might cost her life. He wonders if this is what they need to do in order to bring an end to the past life, then draws her into his arms and apologizes for not being able to save her.

Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion walk across the sand hand-in-hand as she mentally apologizes to her friends for what she has done and for always being with her. The two of them pause in front of some ruins, and Endymion slides a ring onto Serenity's finger, then leans down and kisses her. The Silver Crystal's power flares and restores the world, leaving the Prince and Princess lying lifeless on the sand, their clasped hands holding the Moon Phase.

At Juuban Municipal Junior High School, class begins as normal, except that Usagi is no longer there and Naru and Ami are instead friends. Rei plays hide-and-seek with children at the Hikawa Shrine. Makoto plays street basketball with a group of boys. Minako arrives at her studio and is swarmed by her adoring fans. The four girls go through their lives with complete contentment, but then suddenly realize that something is missing. As they try to remember the important thing they have forgotten, they all envision Usagi's face and start running, calling her name.

Usagi awakens in a dark place, hearing her friends calling her name. The watch in her hand begins to tick, and she sits up to find Mamoru beside her. Princess Sailor Moon appears and tells Usagi that as long as her friends remember her, she can live; although the Silver Crystal shattered, it left her life behind, and at last the past has ended. After the Princess disappears again, Mamoru tells Usagi to go on and forget about him, but she refuses. The Shitennou arrive, carrying the painting into which Beryl had drained his life. They tell him to go as well and live in the present, but if something happens they will surely come to help him. Mamoru takes Usagi's hand and the two of them run forward, into a bright light.

Ami, Makoto, Rei, and Minako all converge in an open plaza, then see Usagi running toward them. Mamoru watches, smiling, from close by as he sits on his motorcycle with Artemis and Luna. The five girls all run toward each other with their hands outstretched, then, with much joyful laughter, start to walk down the street side by side.

Episode Trivia

  • This episode did not have an opening sequence at all.
  • This episode was the second of only two episodes in which the main five Senshi actresses were credited at the end of the episode rather than in the opening, the first being Act 28.
  • Throughout the entire series, all three kissing scenes of Usagi and Mamoru (and their alternate identities) were shot so that the actual kiss was never visible. They were either blurred, silhouetted, or, as in this episode, blocked by Prince Endymion's shoulder pad.
  • Sailor Mars fought with two weapons in this episode because she used Sailor Venus's Sailor Star Tambourine as well as her own. A complete reverse of this occurred in the Special Act, where Sailor Venus used Sailor Mars' weapon together with her own. The weapons were identical, with golden parts in the middle and red blades, incorporating the respective colors of the two Senshi.
  • None of the Senshi weapons first used in this episode have been reproduced commercially as toys, although they may have been reproduced as garage kits and cosplay items.
  • When the Earth was about to be destroyed, human Nephrite was shown holding the horn-like decoration he first wanted to buy for Ami in Act 45. This was the last scene concerning the relationship between the two in the entire series.


  • Over the course of this episode Princess Sailor Moon's boots alternated several times between having heels and being flat with no heels.


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