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Energy was the target of various villains in the Sailor Moon series. Depending on the villain, the targeted "energy" might be the "life energy" all living beings produce, or the "dream energy" produced by the power of a human's dreams.

Dark Kingdom[edit]

The Dark Kingdom collected energy from civilians in order to help Queen Metalia grow in power. The Shitennou were aided in this mission by the various Youma that were a part of their faction.

Ail and An[edit]

Ail and An collected life energy from civilians in order to revive the Makaiju so it could give them regenerative energy. They were aided in their endeavor by the use of Cardians.

Death Busters[edit]

Pure Hearts could be a source of extraordinarily powerful energy, as was stated by Sailor Pluto in episode 114. After the appearance of the Holy Grail, the Messiah of Silence started to demand Pure Heart Crystals to complete her awakening within Hotaru's body. After one of the Witches 5 brought a Pure Heart to Professor Tomoe, he would change it into awakening energy for the Messiah. Mimete, Tellu, Viluy, Cyprine, and Ptilol all failed in this mission, but eventually, Kaolinite captured Sailor Chibi Moon and her Pure Heart was devoured by Mistress 9.

Queen Badiane[edit]

In the Sailor Moon SuperS movie, the main villain, Queen Badiane, collected the dream energy of children in order to power her Black Dream Hole. She primarily did this by placing the children in Dream Coffins, where they were intended to sleep forever and thus continually produce dream energy, although she was also able to offer Sailor Chibi Moon's energy to the Black Dream Hole directly. This energy was called "Sugar Energy."

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