Act 45 - Youma Metalia's Violent Attack

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Ami and Makoto find out about Minako's illness, but decide to keep it a secret from Usagi even as Minako loses her ability to transform into Sailor Venus.


PGSM Episode
Minako realizes she can no longer transform
Name (kanji/kana): メタリア妖魔のはげしい攻撃
Name (romaji): Metaria Youma no Hageshii Kougeki
Name (translated): Youma Metalia's Violent Attack
Episode Number: 45
Director: Masataka Takamaru
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: August 21, 2004
Previous Episode: Act 44 - Zoisite Turned Back into a Stone
Next Episode: Act 46 - Sailor Venus Awakens her Senshi Powers

Makoto and Ami stand outside of Minako's room at the hospital, concerned by her fainting spell, especially since they recall that she fainted once before, as well. The two of them decide not to tell Usagi what is going on because she has enough to worry about.

Ami calls Usagi and tells her Minako is just exhausted; when Usagi asks which hospital she's in, Ami quickly adds that she needs to be left alone, so they're going home now anyway. Usagi seems to accept that answer, but when she hangs up, thinks there's something strange going on.

Minako lies unconscious in her room, surrounded by medical equipment. Makoto waits in the hallway outside, staring at the door.

Jadeite is standing before Zoisite's piano in the Dark Kingdom when Mamoru staggers in, clutching at his chest. Mamoru mentions Zoisite's last wish, and observes that Nephrite never regained his memories, and Kunzite destroyed himself to escape Queen Beryl's grasp. He says that the Shitennou are suffering the most. Jadeite says nothing and leaves, and Mamoru collapses to the floor, grimacing in pain.

Back in Mamoru's quarters, Mio watches as the light-colored spot on the painting takes on a vaguely human-shaped form. She whines that things are starting to get boring, but then seems to get an idea.

Queen Metalia's power flares, and Queen Beryl declares that this planet is hers, and she won't allow it to be destroyed.

At the school, classes have started again, but many of the students are absent because they have fallen prey to the same mysterious coma. The students who are still okay are all scared, and Usagi is worried because of how many people have been affected. After class, Usagi tries to suggest going somewhere with Ami, but Ami makes excuses and leaves on her own.

In Minako's hospital room, Artemis suggests that Minako should tell the others the truth, but she refuses. He then begs her to get the surgery, because she needs to value her life in the present as much as her mission from her past life. Minako becomes angry with him, saying that he is just like Rei, and orders him to leave. Artemis tells her to talk to him as Minako and not as Sailor Venus, and she replies that "Minako" may disappear at any time, but Sailor Venus will never die. She again repeats her demand for him to leave, and he reluctantly obeys; as he leaves, though, Makoto is standing in the doorway, and asks Minako if what she just overheard is true.

Ami meets with Rei at the Hikawa Shrine and finds out that Rei already knew Minako was ill. Luna wonders why Artemis didn't say anything to them about it. Rei is upset with Minako for being so stubborn and refusing to see anything but the past life. Artemis arrives then and agrees with Rei, admitting that Minako threw him out. Rei angrily demands to know why Minako can't just ignore the past life, and Ami wonders if they should even do that.

Makoto talks to Minako about her illness, and is in awe of Minako's strength and determination. Minako says that even if she has to throw away her life, she will still fulfill her mission. With tears in her eyes, Makoto admits that up until now she never really comprehended what she had to do.

Motoki and "Nefukichi" walk down the street, returning from a shopping errand for the store. Motoki pauses to buy a lucky turtle charm from a vendor, then after noticing Nefukichi's interest in also buying something, lends him some money until payday. Nefukichi promptly picks up a strange decoration that looks like a pair of horns, declaring that he needs to pay "her" back for the nasty cookies. Motoki doesn't think she needs to be paid back, and points out that Nefukichi doesn't have enough money anyway.

Luna wonders if they should tell Usagi about Minako's condition, but Ami disagrees, saying she already has to worry about Mamoru and the Silver Crystal, and that's enough.

Rei is alarmed as several people collapse at the Hikawa Shrine, leaving their children alarmed. Elsewhere, Metalia's Youma drains the energy of several people; Makoto and Minako sense this and go to find it, even though Makoto is concerned for Minako's health.

As Rei runs toward the Youma's location, she is confronted by a smiling Mio.

When Makoto and Minako find the Youma, Minako finds herself unable to transform, and Sailor Jupiter has to protect her. Sailor Mercury and Sailor Luna arrive, and the three Senshi attack the Youma, but it is not destroyed and instead staggers outside the building. Metalia's power leaves its receptacle in the Dark Kingdom and infuses the Youma's body.

Down in the Secret Base, Usagi senses something strange and wonders if it is the Silver Crystal, even though she hasn't used its power.

The Senshi realize that the Youma has been possessed by Metalia, but are helpless against its power. Minako again tries to transform but still fails. As the Youma continues to attack, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Luna are injured and detransform. Looking determined, Sailor Jupiter charges in and grabs hold of the Youma, drawing lightning down to herself. Minako is alarmed because the attack will also kill Sailor Jupiter, but she just declares that even if she has to throw away her life, she will fulfill the mission from her past life.

Meanwhile, at Karaoke Crown, Motoki takes out the turtle charm he'd bought and it slips out of his hand, falling to the floor. Down in the Secret Base, Usagi calls Makoto's name and the Silver Crystal begins to glow.

Sailor Jupiter begins to glow with an intense light, which then explodes. Minako calls out Makoto's name, looking distressed.

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