Act 41 - Actually, I'm a Senshi!

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Usagi and Makoto are forced to reveal their Senshi identities, in order to protect their friends from Youma.


PGSM Episode
Naru watches her friend transform
Name (kanji/kana): じつは戦士なの!
Name (romaji): Jitsu wa Senshi nano!
Name (translated): Actually, I'm a Senshi!
Episode Number: 41
Director: Takemitsu Sato
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: July 24, 2004
Previous Episode: Act 40 - Minako vs Rei, Where's the Battle?
Next Episode: Act 42 - I Won't Use the Power of the Legendary Silver Crystal!

Queen Metalia's power is growing stronger, spreading over the Earth; in the Dark Kingdom, her power manifests as a light strong enough that Queen Beryl has to shield her eyes.

Ami and Usagi walk home from school at the end of the term and compare grades. Usagi whines that she's trying her best but still isn't doing well, and admires Ami's perfect scores. Naru catches up with them, and they wonder what they're going to do for the required volunteer work over summer vacation.

At Karaoke Crown, Motoki interrupts his chat with his turtle to chide "Nefukichi" for getting overenthusiastic in his work. "Nefukichi" gets angry about being called by that name, but their argument is cut off by the arrival of Usagi and Ami. Motoki introduces the new part-time worker with the name "Nefurin," which only sets him off again. As he fights with Motoki, Makoto arrives and throws him across the room, thinking he's a robber. Motoki explains that the man is alone and confused and gets angry easily, and thanks Makoto for helping him.

Down in the Secret Base, Luna and Rei are listening to Minako's new song, and Rei thinks about her last conversation with Minako. When the others arrive, they talk about Minako and their past lives; Rei looks concerned and unhappy, but insists it's nothing when the others ask. Changing the subject, they ask Rei if she has any ideas for volunteer work for their summer vacation homework.

Usagi, Ami, Makoto, and Naru are introduced at a day care center full of rambunctious children. They dress up in animal costumes and play with the children, and Usagi tells Ami that she thinks they need to give Motoki and Makoto a push to get them together.

Ami goes to Karaoke Crown and tells Motoki that a new species of turtle was discovered at the day care center, which sends him rushing off out the door. Ami then tries to help "Nefukichi" with his work, but he looks at her and remembers Dark Mercury giving him a repaired cape, then runs away, ashamed.

As Makoto loads clothing into the washing machine at the back of the center, Usagi suddenly disappears and leaves her alone. Makoto is briefly annoyed, but then sees Motoki walking past; he mentions a new species of turtle, then, glancing at Makoto's turtle costume, starts to laugh awkwardly. Usagi watches, hoping that Motoki will volunteer to help with the wash, but to her extreme disappointment, he instead just leaves.

Back at the Tsukino residence, Luna senses Queen Metalia's presence growing stronger.

Makoto is annoyed at Usagi for trying to set her up, insisting that she's supposed to be alone, as was decided in her past life; she also says that Motoki doesn't like her anyway. Usagi disagrees, insisting that she can see it, since she has more experience in these matters.

Motoki walks down the street, enchanted by Makoto's turtle costume, and the kindness she shows by working with children. A pedestrian suddenly collapses on the sidewalk in front of him, and he rushes up to check on them.

Naru calls the others for help, and they find that the day care staff has all fainted. As the girls take over, they realize that one of the children, Shouta, is missing, and Makoto runs off to look for him. She comes across Motoki helping rescue workers load unconscious people into an ambulance, and he observes that it looks like their souls were sucked out of them. When she tells him that Shouta is missing, he accompanies her to help look for the boy. They finally find Shouta stuck up in a tree; Motoki climbs up to help him down, but slips and falls to the ground.

As Naru and Usagi search for Shouta, they notice the people around them suddenly collapsing, just like the day care workers. Usagi's phone rings, and Makoto lets her know that they found the boy. Motoki and Shouta begin to sing a song about a turtle, and Makoto tells him that her father used to sing that song as well.

Groups of Queen Metalia's Youma appear before both Makoto and Usagi, and they wonder what they can do, reluctant to transform in front of others.

Motoki tells Makoto to take Shouta and run, then attacks the Youma. He is quickly knocked down, though, and Makoto hides Shouta behind a tree before returning.

Usagi realizes that she has no other option, and transforms into Sailor Moon in front of Naru. She uses Moon Tiara Boomerang on the Youma as her friend watches in shock.

Makoto glances down at the injured Motoki and transforms into Sailor Jupiter, and he is stunned by the transformation. She uses Supreme Thunder to destroy the Youma, then turns to face Motoki. She tells him that she has to keep fighting enemies like that, and he smiles and says he understands; they look at each other awkwardly for a moment before Sailor Jupiter turns and runs away, and Motoki's smile fades.

Sailor Moon takes Naru to safety and tells her to hide, before going to confront the Youma. She uses Moon Healing Escalation on them, and they melt and re-form into one, stronger Youma. This Youma is much stronger, too strong for Sailor Moon; when she tries to use Moon Twilight Flash on it, it blocks the attack without any effort. Concerned for Naru, and realizing that she cannot defeat this enemy, Sailor Moon inadvertently activates the power of the Silver Crystal. Remembering Endymion's warning, she tries to contain her power, but the Youma attacks again and she transforms into Princess Sailor Moon, just as Sailor Jupiter arrives. This time she easily deflects the Youma's attacks with her sword and attacks in turn, sending the Youma flying. As Naru watches, even she realizes that something is different about her friend.

Mamoru senses that the Princess has awakened, and calls Usagi's name in concern.

Sailor Jupiter calls out to her friend, but she doesn't hear. As Princess Sailor Moon deflects another of the Youma's attacks, it strikes close to Naru and injures the girl. At that point, the Princess finally pauses and turns back into Usagi, and the Youma makes its escape. Usagi rushes to Naru's side and then notices the destruction that the Princess had caused; she sadly tells Sailor Jupiter that her power will destroy the planet.

Episode Trivia[edit]

  • The name "Nefurin" (ネフりん) given to human Nephrite by Motoki in this episode is a nickname usually only given to girls.


  • When Usagi transformed into Sailor Moon she was wearing a red smock, but when she returned to normal it was gone.


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