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King Endymion's

A tuxedo is a type of garment worn particularly by males. It is usually worn on formal occasions, such as to a prom or ball. In the Sailor Moon series, however, both Tuxedo Mask and King Endymion wore tuxedos, the former as battle attire and the latter as his everyday clothing.

Though the sailor fuku worn by the Solar System Senshi were based on school uniforms with modifications, such as a chest protector, there were no visible modifications to the standard tuxedo design in those worn by Tuxedo Mask or his future self. Tuxedo Mask did wear an unidentified medal on a red ribbon around his neck; King Endymion wore a similar medal on a dark blue ribbon, and had another on his left lapel. Both of them also wore a pocketwatch that appeared similar to the Moon Phase in artbook illustrations.

Mamoru Chiba was shown wearing a tuxedo in his civilian form in Act 1 of the manga and Act 1 of Crystal, as well as some artbook illustrations, but he did not customarily wear one in canon.


  • When Haruka played the piano at Michiru's violin performances, she often wore a tuxedo rather than a formal gown. Though Naoko Takeuchi also drew pictures of all the Sailor Senshi dressed in tuxedos in artbook illustrations, Haruka was the only woman to wear one in canon.