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Character Information
Name: Tuxedo Mask
Name (kanji/kana): タキシード仮面
Alignment: Moon Kingdom
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Lives: Azabu-Juuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Occupation: Tuxedo Mask
Family: Usagi Tsukino (future wife), Chibiusa (future daughter), Kousagi Tsukino (future daughter; "Parallel Sailor Moon" only), parents (deceased)
Associates: Solar System Senshi
Aliases: Mamoru Chiba, Prince Endymion, King Endymion, Moonlight Knight (anime only), Metalia Endymion (PGSM only), Krsnik (musicals only)
First Anime Appearance: Crybaby Usagi's Magnificent Transformation
First Manga Appearance: Act 1 Usagi SAILORMOON
First PGSM Appearance: Act 1 - I am Sailor Moon!
English Name: Tuxedo Mask
Actors: Tohru Furuya (anime); Kenji Nojima (Crystal); Jyoji Shibue (PGSM); Rino Romano (dub 1-11), Toby Proctor (dub 12-40, 42-65), Vincent Corazza (dub 41, 83-159, movies); Robbie Daymond (Viz dub)

Tuxedo Mask (Tuxedo Kamen in Japanese; "kamen" (仮面; fake face) being the literal translation of "mask") was the alternate identity of Mamoru Chiba as well as Prince Endymion. Unlike the five original Senshi, and similar to the later Sailor Neptune, Tuxedo Mask awakened on his own through dreams, not through the help of one of the moon cats. In the manga and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, he was portrayed in the media as a mysterious jewel thief, since he stole gems in order to look for the Silver Crystal. In the anime, he did not have many powers, and in PGSM he did not seem to have any at all, but in the manga he had several attacks and was the keeper of the Golden Crystal, just as his lover was the holder of the Silver Crystal.


In the manga, he was said to have some psychic abilites, such as a form of touch-telepathy with Chibiusa, the ability to heal wounds in a manner similar to Hotaru Tomoe, and some psychometric ability. He also could sense the well-being of the planet, and when the surface of the North Pole was damaged in the final battle against Queen Metalia, he used his power to restore the land. In the anime he was never said outright to have these abilities like in the manga, however the touch-telepathy was shown on screen. In both of these continuities when the Earth was under attack by the Dead Moon, Mamoru was affected as he was linked to the planet, and therefore he became very ill as the attacks on the planet progressed.


Initially in the manga and all the time in PGSM, Mamoru put on his tuxedo like a suit of clothing. In the anime, he transformed into Tuxedo Mask. His transformations were originally spontaneous (apparently triggered by those of Sailor Moon) and he was not even fully aware of being Tuxedo Mask until he seized one of the Rainbow Crystals. Later in the manga and anime, he gained incantationless transformations brought on at his own will.


In the anime, Tuxedo Mask did not have any attacks in the same manner that the Sailor Senshi did, but he did exhibit some abilities that were useful in battle.


  • Roses - Tuxedo Mask had a seemingly endless supply of roses that exhibited supernatural abilities; these could serve as mere distractions, but also had the ability to break solid objects and deflect energy attacks, and even managed to have an extremely adverse effect on Queen Beryl when she was stabbed in the chest with one.
  • Cane - Tuxedo Mask fought with a cane, which could be used in battle in a manner similar to a sword. In the anime the cane could also magically extend at will.


In the manga, Tuxedo Mask had more powers, as well as some attacks similar to those of the Sailor Senshi.



In Crystal, Tuxedo Mask had similar powers as those in the manga.


  • Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber - Tuxedo Mask fired a blast of energy from his hand.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon[edit]

Tuxedo Mask
(second version)

In the live-action series, Tuxedo Mask did not appear to have any special powers, and his cane was his only weapon.

Tuxedo Mask appeared to gain the ability to transform into Prince Endymion at will once his memories returned. Endymion wore armor and carried a sword, and it was a far more powerful form.

During one of the mini dramas released along with Act Zero, Mamoru was seen transforming with the phrase, "Tuxedo Power." Given the spoof nature of the short, this was likely not meant to be an actual transformation nor transformation phrase. He was seen de-transforming instantaneously in the Special Act, but in Act 7, Motoki returned a repaired tuxedo to Mamoru, leaving the nature of his transformation ambiguous.


Yuu Shirota as
Tuxedo Mask

In the musicals, Tuxedo Mask was played by Mizuki Sano, Yuuta Mochizuki, Yuuta Enomoto, Hironari Amano, Hidemasa Edo, Kenji Urai, Yuu Shirota, Gyo Miyamoto, Yuga Yamato, Mikako Ishii, Riona Tatemichi, Riku Sorahane, and Mitsuki Tenju. He had one image song, "Tuxedo Mission." Other songs performed by him include "Tuxedo Loyal" and "Tuxedo Versus."


  • Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber - Tuxedo Mask's primary attack in the musicals.


Tuxedo Mask wore a black tuxedo with a white shirt, white tie, and mask. He also had a long cape and a top hat. In Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, his mask was originally a plain white, but in Act 7 it changed to a more decorative version, with a gemstone at the center like that on a Senshi's tiara.

The tuxedo seemed to have no protective features, and in the live-action series, it was damaged on more than one occasion.


  • On the Sailor Moon S drama CD, Tohru Furuya gave a voice sample of Tuxedo Mask's transformation phrase by shouting "Tuxedo Power, Make Up!". It was the only time this phrase was officially recorded.

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