Moon Phase

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Sailor Senshi Items
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Item Name: Moon Phase
Item Name (Kanji/kana): ムーン・フェイズ
Used by: Usagi, Mamoru
Used for: None
First Appearance: Act 36 - Princess Sailor Moon Appears!

The Moon Phase was a star-shaped watch which Usagi owned in the live-action series.

Mamoru gave Usagi the watch as a present in Act 36. When he was kidnapped by Queen Beryl the watch was broken, but even after Usagi took it to be fixed and the face was replaced, it still would not tick.

The Moon Phase was inspired by a similar watch in the manga, which also stopped ticking when Mamoru was kidnapped, but began working again when he was revived under the control of Queen Metalia. This watch was also the inspiration for the Orgel in the anime, though the Orgel had a different function.