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Chapter Data
Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon
Name (kanji/kana): Act 1 うさぎ SAILORMOON
Name (romaji): Act 1 Usagi Sailor Moon
Name (translated): Act 1 Usagi Sailor Moon
Volume Number: 1
Chapter Number: 1
Original Number: 1
Crystal Episode: Act.1 USAGI - SAILOR MOON -
Previous Chapter: N/A
Next Chapter: Act 2 Ami SAILORMERCURY

Usagi Tsukino meets a talking cat named Luna who tells her that she is really Sailor Moon, a champion of justice.


Usagi Tsukino is a 14-year-old girl in 8th grade who is, as she puts it, "just a little bit clumsy and kind of a crybaby." In her rush to get to school, she steps on a cat, Luna, whom she discovers to have a "crescent-moon bald spot" on her forehead. Startled by this but unable to loiter, she hurries into class where she is put out in the hall for being late. She cries a bit but almost immediately pulls out her lunchbox and starts to eat, having missed breakfast.

Haruna Sakurada, Usagi's teacher, comes out into the hall and screams at Usagi for eating during school and having bad test scores. Her friend Naru (who is "pretty, smart and from a good family") teases Usagi for "being like a boy," and expresses her annoyance at Umino, who boasts about his own high test score. The students go outside to eat lunch, and Yumiko remarks that there was another break-in at a jewellery store. Umino points out that Sailor V caught the burglars, and Usagi asks who Sailor V is.

Astonished at Usagi's ignorance, Umino goes on a tirade about Sailor V's exploits. Usagi's friends say that they can understand why someone would want to steal jewels and Usagi says that she likes rubies and opals. Naru asks her friends to come to her mother's jewelry store after school, and the girls excitedly agree.

After school, at Osa-P, Naru's mother is enthusiastically promoting her store through a sale. Naru wonders what has gotten into her mother, whose behaviour is unusual. Naru and her friends ooh and ahh over the jewelry, but Usagi gets upset because she has no pocket money and is unlikely to get any because of her bad test scores. She leaves the store, crumpling her test into a ball and throwing it over her shoulder, where it lands on the head of a strange man in a tuxedo, who calls her "dumpling-head" and makes fun of her test score. Usagi angrily snatches the test back and yells at him to mind his own business. After Usagi leaves, the man smiles to himself and says that at this jewelry store, he might find the Silver Crystal.

Not wanting to go home, Usagi makes her way to the Game Center Crown, where she plays the new and exceedingly difficult Sailor V game. Motoki Furuhata greets her and offers to help with the game. As the two are playing, Luna enters. Motoki wonders how the cat got there, and Usagi laughs at the cat's bald spot. Luna growls at Usagi, who decides it would be best if she went home.

Usagi enters the door and says hello to her mother, who tells her that she is late and asks for her test. After seeing her abysmal score, Ikuko throws Usagi out of the house, where she runs into her younger brother, Shingo Tsukino, who kicks her and calls her stupid. Usagi angrily kicks back, shouting "Sailor V Kick," but Shingo slams the door in her face and Usagi winds up kicking the door and hurting her leg. She cries loudly, and Shingo tells his mother that she should let Usagi in, because she will bother the neighbors. Ikuko relents and opens the door to her daughter.

Elsewhere, girls who have bought jewels at Osa-P are fainting from lack of energy. Naru's mother feels the energy she has collected and muses that her energy-stealing crystals work well. Naru hears her mother talking to herself and enters the room, looking scared.

Back in her room, Usagi decides she will take a nap, as she's tired from crying so hard. She dreams that she is Sailor V, and slays a dragon to save Motoki. She is wakened by the scratching of Luna, who yells that she is not bald. Usagi screeches, afraid of the talking cat. Luna tells Usagi that she is a chosen warrior, and that this isn't a dream. She gives her the gift of a transformation brooch, and tells Usagi, who is excited to have such a pretty brooch, to say "Moon Prism Power, Make Up."

Usagi does as she's told, and becomes Sailor Moon. She hears the voice of Naru screaming for help through her hair ornaments and sees her on her mask. Confused and afraid for Naru, she rushes to Osa-P, where the Youma Morga has revealed herself, shedding her disguise as Naru's mother. Sailor Moon yells at the monster to leave Naru alone, and upon being asked who she is by Morga, she announces that she is the pretty sailor-suited Senshi, Sailor Moon. Morga declares that she has never heard of such a thing, and causes the girls whose energy she stole to arise and attack Sailor Moon. One of them attacks Sailor Moon with a broken bottle, and Moon realizes that this can't be a dream, because she's bleeding. Luna tells the crying Sailor Moon to fight, but Usagi starts to wail that she wants to go home. The noise of her cries is amplified by her hair ornaments, and weakens the Youma and her slaves, who are paralyzed. Luna tells Usagi to seize the opportunity and throw her tiara, and she does so, yelling "Moon Frisbee".

Morga is defeated, and Sailor Moon sees a mysterious masked man who says that although he didn't find the Silver Crystal, he saw something interesting. He says that his name is Tuxedo Mask and that he will remember her. Usagi is taken by his good looks and cries that he is very cute and looks like Lupin. Luna tries to explain the situation to Usagi, but Usagi is distracted by Tuxedo Mask. As she goes home, Usagi says that fighting evil is very refreshing, and that she's glad she met a cute boy.

Looking over a crystal ball in an unspecified place, a blonde man in uniform mutters that Sailor Moon is "not bad" and that he should secure the Silver Crystal more quickly.

At school the next day, Naru tells her friends that she was rescured by a soldier in uniform. A girl with short hair asks if she's sure it wasn't a dream. Luna hops on Usagi's shoulder and whispers to her, and Usagi sniffles and says that she guesses it wasn't a dream after all.


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