Act 47 Yume 9 Dead Moon Dream

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Chapter Data
Helios collapsed after using all his strength
Name (kanji/kana): Act 47 夢9 デッド・ムーン・ドリーム
Name (romaji): Act 47 Yume 9 Deddo Muun Doriimu
Name (translated): Act 47 Yume 9 Dead Moon Dream
Volume Number: 10
Chapter Number: 47
Original Number: 41
Crystal Episode: Sailor Moon Eternal
Previous Chapter: Act 46 Yume 8 Elysion Dream
Next Chapter: Act 48 Yume 10 Princess Dream


As the couple falls to the ground, the Sailor Senshi think they must be in a nightmare. To Super Sailor Moon it appears her friends are melting.

In the Secret Base, Luna, Artemis, and Diana watch as the earth is enveloped in darkness. Luna worries because none of the Senshi are answering her, which makes Diana panic and start to run off to join Small Lady. The other two cats stop her, admonishing her to have faith that the Senshi will not be defeated so easily.

Tuxedo Mask comes out of the nightmare spell and wakes the others. They gather their strength and attack Zirconia, who retreats into the large mirror, where only Super Sailor Moon is able to follow.

In the mirror land, Super Sailor Moon meets Queen Nehellenia and sees fragments of a shattered mirror and four Amazon Stones at the Queen's feet. She senses the presence of Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Saturn in the glass fragments, and despite Nehellenia's interference, she uses Moon Gorgeous Meditation to free the two younger Senshi. With the combined powers of the others outside, they break through the mirror, which hurts Zirconia. Saturn gathers up the four stones just as mirrors shatter around them, and the Dead Moon Circus disappears. Super Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask realize the enemy has gone to Elysion and determine to follow, but when they ask the Senshi to stay behind and guard the surface world they refuse and insist on going along.

Once everyone arrives in Elysion, they are met by the Maenads, who lead them to the cage where Helios lies, apparently lifeless after using all his strength to protect the city from the Dead Moon. Sailor Chibi Moon clutches the Crystal Carillon to herself, refusing to believe that he could be dead. The other Senshi suddenly sense evil energy and turn to find the Dead Moon ship there, and Queen Nehellenia standing in the darkness behind a shattered mirror.

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