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Character Information
Name: Helios
Name (kanji/kana): エリオス
Alignment: Moon Kingdom
Species: Humanoid
Gender: Male
Lives: Elysion
Occupation: Guardian of the Golden Crystal
Family: Unknown
Associates: Chibiusa, Prince Endymion, Maenads
Aliases: Pegasus
First Anime Appearance: Meeting of Fate! The Night Where a Pegasus Flies (as Pegasus), The Secret of Pegasus! The Handsome Guardian of the Dream World
First Manga Appearance: Act 39 Yume 1 Nisshoku Dream (as Pegasus), Act 41 Yume 3 Mars Dream
First PGSM Appearance: N/A
English Name: Helios
Actors: Taiki Matsuno (anime); Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Crystal); Rowan Tichenor (dub); Chris Niosi (Viz dub: anime), Brian Beacock (Viz dub: Crystal)

Helios was the guardian of Elysion and the Golden Crystal.


In the anime, Elysion was a land supported by the energy of the beautiful dreams of humans. Queen Nehellenia and her minions from the Dead Moon Circus invaded Elysion in search of the Golden Crystal, but because she did not have a beautiful dream, she was unable to take it. Instead, she captured Helios and locked him away. When he saw the light of Chibiusa's beautiful dream, his spirit took the form of Pegasus and took refuge in it.

As Pegasus, he gave Sailor Moon the Kaleidomoon Scope and Sailor Chibi Moon the Crystal Carillon; using the Carillon, Sailor Chibi Moon summoned Pegasus, allowing Sailor Moon to use his power to perform Moon Gorgeous Meditation. He revealed his identity first to Chibiusa, in episode 158, and then in episode 162 to the Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Mask.

When the Dead Moon finally discovered that Pegasus was hiding in Chibiusa's dream and captured her, Queen Nehellenia cast a spell on the girl to put her in an eternal sleep. In episode 165, Helios gave her a kiss that revived her. She then used the power of the Golden Crystal, with the help of the people of Earth, and destroyed the Dead Moon Circus.

Helios then left to return to his duties in Elysion, but gave Chibiusa a kiss on the hand before he left, leaving the Inner Senshi to remark in dismay that even Chibiusa had a boyfriend before they did.


In the manga, Helios lacked some of the power he possessed in the anime, as he did not carry the Golden Crystal and could not use its power. However, he was the guardian of the Earth and Elysion, and by extension, Prince Endymion/Mamoru Chiba. As the Earth, Helios, and Mamoru's spirits were tied together, when Nehellenia invaded Elysion and imprisoned its guardian, Mamoru fell ill.

Helios was looking for his "maiden" (whom he thought was Sailor Moon) who could break the seal on the Golden Crystal. It turned out, however, that the maiden who had approached him was Princess Lady Serenity, the future form of Chibiusa.


Helios appeared as Pegasus (on stage via projections of light), in the musical Yume Senshi - Ai - Eien ni... and its revision, voiced by an uncredited actor. It wasn't until Amour Eternal that he appeared in human form, played by Hikaru Hirayama.



Helios/Pegasus in Crystal