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This is the user-page for Sakura.

Birthday: February 17, 1984
Location: New England, MA, USA
Occupation: Studio Coordinator for ImaginEngine, a division of Foundation 9 Entertainment
Marital Status: Happily Married ^_^
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite food: Rice pilaf
Favorite alcoholic drink: Midori sour
Contact: AIM: MyPurpleCows

I am the owner of, a fandom-based BSSM page which include my fanficiton and information on my various fan senshi. I moderate the forum at Tower of Time where I am also am Satalite Guardian and part of fanart request team. I have been involved in the online BSSM community since the late 90s and I have heavy involvement and interest in the Otaku Senshi community. I run a self help site for people wishing to make Sailor Moon fan characters called, surprisingly, Create Your Own Otaku Senshi.

Other Web Sites:

I am pretty friendly and I like meeting new people! :D Feel free to post on my Talk page or email me if you have any messages for me or if you would just like to introduce yourself. My AIM is set to only accept people on my list so you'd have to contact me in advance for that.