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Character Information
Name: Kerochan no Miko
Alignment: NG
Species: Human
Gender: Female

Kerochan no Miko is a WikiMoon sysop, a relentless nerd, and perpetually short of sleep. She saw fansubs of the Sailor Moon anime in 1996 and has lost much of her free time and spare cash to the series since then. Her username came about during the "[insert character] no miko" fad during the late 90s and she has regretted it ever since because it's ridiculous, but has been around so long that it's too late to change now.

She also maintains the WikiMoon tumblr account.


  • Part of my job is to enforce a set standard for the wiki with regard to accuracy of information, style, consistency, etc. I don't do it because I have a personal vendetta, because the moon is in the wrong house, or because I'm just a bitch (really, I'm not, I swear), I do it because... well, someone has to. Please assume good faith and I'll do the same for you.