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Sailor Moon in Taiwan refers to the Taiwanese Mandarin dubbed versions of the series. Which was translated into Taiwanese Mandarin. The Taiwanese Mandarin name of the series is "水手月亮"(A direct translation). It aired and published in Taiwan. Taiwan was one of the first countries outside of Japan to air a foreign version of the anime. As is common in Taiwan, the episodes were also subtitled and synced with the Taiwanese Mandarin audio.

Translations and Channels

In 1995, the first season was dubbed into Taiwanese Mandarin by the studio CTS and was released on 23 VHS tapes each contained 2 episodes.

In early 2000 STV started broadcasting a Taiwanese Mandarin version of seasons 4 and 5. Several episodes were released on VHS tapes by the studio.

A few years later, another studio bought the rights to dub into Taiwanese Mandarin the three movies and released them on VHS tapes.

In 2011, MOMO Kids started dubbing the series again from episode 1 up to episode 200. The movies and specials were also dubbed making Taiwan one of the few countries to air all 200 episodes.

Censorship and Changes


  • Any full body nude shots on inner senshi transformations were cut however sometimes they were left intact. Moon Prism Power, Make Up was the only transformations that was left intact throughout the whole dub.
  • All insert songs were removed.
  • The opening and ending sequences were left in Japanese. Although sometimes the opening and ending sequences were instrumental.


  • All insert songs, openings and endings were left in Japanese with Taiwanese Mandarin subtitles at the bottom of the screen.


A Taiwanese Mandarin dubbed version of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal started airing on TTV on December 1, 2016. All seasons were dubbed and broadcast under the name "美少女戦士Crystal."