Sailor Moon SuperS Part 2

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DVD Information
Title: Sailor Moon SuperS Part 2
Season: Sailor Moon SuperS
DVD Region: 1
Catalog Number: B07GRV89S6 (blu-ray/DVD)
B07GRV89S7 (DVD)
Release Date: November 13, 2018
Audio Tracks: Japanese, English
Subtitles: English, closed captions
Sailor Moon SuperS DVD chronology
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Sailor Moon SuperS Part 1 Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Part 1

Sailor Moon SuperS Part 2 was a blu-ray and DVD box set released by Viz Media, containing the last 20 episodes of the Sailor Moon SuperS season of the Sailor Moon anime with the Studiopolis-produced English dub, as well as the original Japanese audio with English subtitles.


147. Destined Partners? Makoto's Innocence
148. Shadow of Evil: The Trio's Last Chance
149. Mirrors of Dreams: the Amazon's Last Stage
150. The Amazoness: Nightmare From Behind the Mirrors
151. True Power Explodes: Ami's Melody of the Heart
152. Flames of Passion: Mars's Raging Super Attack
153. Dentist of Horrors? Palla-Palla's House
154. Clash of Dreams: Minako and Makoto's Broken Friendship
155. Overcome Your Fear: the Jump to Freedom
156. Don't Lose Sight of Your Dreams: The Mirror of Truth
157. Pegasus Disappears: Wavering Friendship
158. Pegasus's Secret: The Boy Who Protects the Dream World
159. Chibi-Usa's Little Rhapsody of Love
160. Dream to be an Adult: The Amazoness' Confusion
161. Terror in Motion: The Dark Queen's Evil Hand
162. The Source of Darkness: Dead Moon Circus
163. Labyrinth of Mirrors: Chibi Moon Captured
164. The Golden Crystal Appears: Nehellenia's Magic
165. When the Crystal Shines: The Beautiful Power of Dreams
166. Dreams Forever: Fill the Heavens with Light