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This wiki does not currently support uploading of images, but it does allow external links to them. If you want to add an image to an article, simply link it to an image on an external webspace. Administrators have the ability to upload directly to the server, and will then do that for images as they come across them.

(The option to upload images does appear on the wiki, but it doesn't actually work as it's supposed to. Please do not upload images!)

Please DO NOT link to images at servers you don't own; this is called bandwidth theft, and your IP can be banned for it. Upload an image to a service like ImageShack or imgur.

NOTE: If an article already has an image that has been uploaded to the WikiMoon server, do not just replace it with another image. Instead, upload your image to a free host, then provide a link to your image on the talk page for the article in question with an explanation of why you think the image needs to be replaced.

Adding Images to Templates

If you want to add an image to an existing template, such as a screencap for an episode article or a cover image for a CD article, look for these lines in the template:

| image =
| caption =

Next to "image" enter the URL of the screencap. Then next to "caption" enter a short description of the image. It should look something like this:

| image =
| caption = Usagi watches Mamoru's plane leave

That will result in what you see in the article for anime episode 173.

If you add an image to a template with captions, always add the caption.

Image Templates

How To Insert Images

The first thing to keep in mind when adding images to articles is to make sure the image is of good quality. Is it focused on the appropriate subject? Is it clear and free of pixellation and other image degredation? Is it free from text or other distractions?

Next, make sure it's of an appropriate size. Check other articles of the same type to see what the usual image size is for that image. For example, the main image in character articles is usually 190 px high and less than that wide, and images in item articles are 200-225 px on their widest side.

Then upload the image to the server, using either a free service or webspace that belongs to you (and if it belongs to you, make certain you note that it is yours). Take the resulting URL and insert it into one of the image templates. As an example:

After pasting the URL into the template and adding an appropriate caption, you get:

{{Captioned image
| image   =
| caption = Sailor Sommelier

Adding this to an article would result in:

Sailor Sommelier

The "Captioned image" template gives you a left-aligned image. If it needs to be right-aligned, use the "Captioned image 2" template instead.


There is an occasional wiki bug which inserts an extra line above or below the captioned image template, making the article format look a little strange. If this happens, replace the template with the actual coded table:

{| border=1 style="text-align: center; float: left; margin-right: 10px;"
| style="background:#ffcccc" | CAPTION

Replace the "IMAGE" and "CAPTION" text as appropriate. For example, the above example would look like this:

{| border=1 style="text-align: center; float: left; margin-right: 10px;"
| style="background:#ffcccc" | Sailor Sommelier

This works for an image that sits on the left side of the page - if your image needs to go on the right, change the style to "float: right" and "margin-left: 10px".