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Hi-yo, ye who enter'd here, welcome to my user page. Gratuitous cat kaomoji! ω(^ⓛᆺⓛ^)ω\∫

Hey there, I'm a late millennial and therefore longtime Moonie from the land of Antonio Fernández Carriedo. I'm best known around the Interwebs as thesleepingsoter (YouTube, Vimeo, and other video-sharing websites) or just Soter, although my WikiMoon username is Silver_17 for some reason I honestly can't remember. I usually go by "Silver" here, which —random fun fact— also happens to be the name of Daimon U-Estern's (and the Lone Ranger's) pogo stick horse, so maybe that's why I chose that username? Like ya do...


My brief Sailor Moon history:

I joined WikiMoon on August, 2009 and mostly used to do minor edits and copyedits. I spent most of my time here checking the Recent Changes page and trying to help to clean up or fix some articles, but I don't limit just to that and can generally work around any page I may have information on. I'm currently focusing on episode and act summaries, and expanding articles from the original anime as well as lesser-known manga pages. Though this was my first time working on a Wiki, I started to learn the Wiki code and guidelines easily once I started to understand the English around me (yes, believe me, knowing English is a requirement if you want to contribute to an English site). ^///^;

I was introduced to the series by the Spanish dub but I started to lose interest in Sailor Moon as I waited for the airing of the fifth season. It didn't happen until years later, and the episodes aired when I was supposed to be on my way to school, so I guess I forgot about it and moved on to other things. It wasn't until last year when I started to watch the series again —this time in original version— thanks to a friend, and I also became a fan of the other incarnations of the series I wasn't familiar with, especially the live-action series but also the manga and some musicals.

Currently having lots of mixed feelings about Crystal but enjoying the experience A LOT nonetheless.