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User: Sailor Moon 1993

Name: Brian Thomas Hardy

Date of Birth: March 16, 1993

Star Sign: Pisces

Hometown: Danville, California, USA

Occupation: Student

Blood Type: O+

Religion: Atheist

Favorite Color: Blue

Hobbies: Many (mostly playing on the computer)

Strengths: I am very smart and I am also a history buff.

Weaknesses: Math, running, and being disturbed by other people.


  • My birthday is the day before Saint Patrick's Day and I'm 25% Irish. I was also born on Pat Nixon's birthday in the year she died. I was even born on Tracey Moore's thirty-first birthday.
  • Sailor Moon is my favorite anime show and I have seen all 200 episodes of the anime, all 3 movies, all of the specials.
  • I have Asperger Syndrome so I have a hard time making friends.


  • Don't post too many paragraphs on my discussion page. I don't have time for lots of questions.
  • Absolutely no swearing or teasing at all. I don't tolerate bad behavior.
  • Please check your spelling before you post a question or comment on my discussion page.