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This is the user-page of dooky. Evening all.

Sailor Moon-style statistics

Name: George Hutcheon
Date of Birth: 7th of January, 1981
Star Sign: Capricorn (this star sign gives me a strong belief that all astrology is bollocks)
Blood Type: Anaemic
Favourite Colour: Purple
Hobbies: Drawing, writing, esoteric projects like this
Favourite food: Curry in all of its varied and wonderful forms
Least Favourite Food: Sodium (I just don't see what all the fuss is about)
Favourite Subject: Biology
Least Favourite Subject: PE, obviously
Weakness: Tedious internet "drama"
Special Talent: Somehow failing to avoid said drama
Dream: An end to war, poverty, famine and bigotry within my lifetime. Failing that, an English-language release of Sailor Stars would do me just fine.

Astonishing information about the person that is dooky

I, dooky (for it is me), am one of WikiMoon's administrators. Yeah, that's right, look impressed. I'm (sometimes) quite active in the running of the site so if you have any questions, just ask on my talk page. I'm usually seen editing the anime articles and messing around with templates.

What I am currently listening to

Akane and Reiko like these songs, and so should you.


My websites

  • My Encyclopaedia of Sailor Moon is not currently being updated, but contains complete information up to the end of the S season.
  • Amazoness! is my new webcomic. Because there are too many comics about wisecracking guys on sofas, and not enough about big scary Amazons.