Usagi's Dance, in Time to a Waltz

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Episode Data
Usagi being more than a little tipsy
Original Episode
Name (Kanji/kana): うさぎのダンスはワルツに乗って
Name (Romaji): Usagi no Dansu wa Warutsu ni Notte
Name (Translated): Usagi's Dance, in Time to a Waltz
Name (Viz Dub): Usagi Dancing to the Waltz
Episode Number: 108
Director: Harume Kosaka
Writer: Megumi Sugihara
Animation Director: Masahiro Ando
Air Date: September 17, 1994
Previous Episode: Art is an Explosion of Love! Chibiusa's First Love
Next Episode: A Time of Shock! True Identities Revealed to One Another
First English Dub Episode
Name: Everything's Coming Up Rosey
Number: 101
Company: Cloverway
Air Date: July 6, 2000
Previous Episode: Art Appreciation
Next Episode: No Turning Back

Usagi and her friends are invited to a party for foreign university students, but her enthusiasm is tempered by the knowledge that most of the conversation will be in English.


Usagi, Rei, Minako, Ami, and Makoto are studying at Mamoru's air-conditioned apartment when there is a knock at the door. Usagi opens it to reveal a blue-eyed man with a cane and cravat. After she tries unsuccessfully to speak to him in English, Mamoru walks in and greets the man he recognizes as "Edwards." Edwards then, speaking fluent Japanese, invites him to a party that he is hosting that night at his mansion on the edge of town for other young and promising international students. He extends the invitation to the girls as well, much to their excitement. After Edwards leaves, Mamoru tells the girls a bit about the man and his parties, and proposes they brush up on their English. All the girls are excited about the party except for Usagi, who dreads having to speak English.

Meanwhile, Professor Tomoe is in his lab, on the phone with Eudial. He requests a target that loves a waltz and is passionate about the future. Eudial finds Edwards' profile, but is rewarded with nothing but the sound of the Professor's "waltz" playing on the other end of the phone. He converts his gramophone, with the music still playing from it, into a Daimon using the Death Busters' machinery and loads it into Eudial's car. As she leaves, the car surfaces with a huge splash of water from a park pond, disrupting a loitering couple.

On the evening of the party, the festivities at Edwards' mansion are in full swing. The girls and Mamoru arrive and are hailed in English by George, who walks over with a fellow student and Edwards. Usagi panics when she doesn't understand their greetings, and darts behind a curtain to quickly practice with her phrasebook. She admires the other girls conversing with the three men, assuming they are speaking English, and not realizing they are actually speaking in Japanese. As she's reading her phrasebook, she reaches to the table beside her for a drink of juice to calm her nerves. Instead she picks up a glass with an alcoholic beverage inside and drinks it. While she is fretting, Mamoru chats with George and Ned, while Ami speaks to Edwards, who encourages her to do her best like the other older students in the room. Usagi drunkenly walks past Minako, Makoto, and Rei, who are standing to one side, and interrupts Mamoru's conversation. Though her babbling embarrasses him and Ami, it seems to charm his friends. Edwards ushers her to the balcony under Mamoru's care and then introduces Haruka and Michiru as the musical guests of the evening. Mamoru, Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako attempt to revive Usagi on the balcony while Eudial pulls up in her car on the other side of the mansion.

After their performance is finished, Haruka and Michiru greet the other Sailor Senshi and a waltz starts to play. Michiru manages to get Mamoru to dance with her, and Haruka also asks Usagi. Rei, Makoto, and Minako excitedly begin a game of jan-ken for the next dance with Haruka, while Ami pretends to ignore them. Mamoru discusses their competing philosophies about what it means to fight for the future with Michiru, while Eudial enters the ballroom unnoticed.

Haruka, Michiru, and Mamoru switch dance partners, and Edwards uses the opportunity to show the five Inner Senshi the view from a larger balcony that is lined with roses and faces the city. He tells them a bit about his hopes for the future, then goes inside to fetch refreshments. Having finished dancing, Mamoru is drinking by the kitchen entrance when he notices smoke coming from the door. He cannot stop the waiter from opening it and the smoke quickly fills the ballroom. Edwards tries to help Eudial escape, thinking she is simply one of the guests, but she promptly turns on him and shoots out his Pure Heart Crystal. The girls on the balcony see the smoke and peer tentatively into the room, while unbeknownst to them, Haruka and Michiru transform into Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. The two Outer Senshi quickly attack Eudial, getting the Heart Crystal back. Eudial's car backs up into the ballroom, releasing the Daimon, Chikuon, but its dress is so heavy that it falls down. The other Senshi who have now transformed use this chance to give an extra long speech in the name of storybook princesses. Uranus reveals that the Heart Crystal does not contain a Talisman, and Eudial drives away, leaving Chikuon to fight the Senshi. Edwards' Crystal is returned to him during the battle, and Sailor Uranus knocks the Daimon down with World Shaking before leaving with Sailor Neptune. Chikuon is not destroyed, however, and transforms into her second form, and the remaining Senshi fight her. Sailor Moon finishes her with Moon Spiral Heart Attack, leaving a broken gramophone and the Daimon Egg behind.

The ballroom finally recovers from the chaos of the Death Busters' intrusion and Usagi dances to a waltz with Mamoru. Rei, Minako, Makoto, and Ami stand to one side with Edwards, who is still slightly confused as to what happened. Rei, Minako, and Makoto again play jan-ken to win a dance with Haruka, though she is nowhere to be seen. In fact, she and Michiru are in a tree outside the mansion, still transformed. Neptune reflects on Edwards' hopes for a "rosy future," but Uranus reminds her that they still must find the Talismans soon.

Episode trivia[edit]

  • This was the second time Usagi accidentally consumed an alcoholic beverage at a party; the first time was in episode 22.
  • During the dance scene the music was an instrumental version of "Tuxedo Mirage."
  • When Usagi was drunk, she called Ned an "Edokko" (Child of Edo) for his ability to speak Japanese.
  • In the first English dub, instead of accidentally drinking alcohol and becoming tipsy, Serena drank too much "juice" and became ill. The language conflict was also changed from Japanese/English to English/French.
  • In the second English dub, the language conflict was changed to an etiquette conflict, as Usagi's translation book was changed into a guidebook for proper English.
  • In the German dub, Bunny's conversation with Ned and George used such English phrases as, "Nice to meet you, my time is a lot," "Don't worry and don't curry," and "Again you see, boys."


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