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Character Information
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Name: U-Tomodachi
Name (kanji/kana): う・トモダチ
Alignment: Death Busters
Species: Daimon
Gender: Female
Lives: N/A
Occupation: Daimon under the supervision of Mimete
Family: None
Associates: Mimete
Aliases: None
First Anime Appearance: Shadow of Silence? The Pale Glimmer of a Firefly
First Manga Appearance: N/A
First PGSM Appearance: N/A
English Name: Utomodachi (dub), U Tomodachi (Viz dub)
Actors: Kumiko Nishihara

U-Tomodachi was a Daimon supervised by Mimete who was created from the fusion of a Daimon Egg and a television script. She attacked Yuu Kazama for his Pure Heart Crystal. She resembled a doll with large swirling circles on her cheeks, and wore a hat and clothing similar to those worn by kindergarteners in Japan.

U-Tomodachi was one of the "cormorant" style Daimons, who attacked by sucking out the target's Pure Heart Crystal and storing it in their throats until they could return it to Professor Tomoe. However, she never managed to remove her target's Heart Crystal, as the Sailor Senshi arrived and Mimete ordered her to attack them instead.


  • The "Tomodachi" part of her name means "friends" (友達).