The Rod of Love is Born! Usagi's New Transformation

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Episode Data
Usagi is licked by a kitten
Original Episode
Name (Kanji/kana): 愛のロッド誕生! うさぎの新変身
Name (Romaji): Ai no Roddo Tanjou! Usagi no Shin Henshin
Name (Translated): The Rod of Love is Born! Usagi's New Transformation
Name (Viz Dub): The Rod of Love Is Born: Usagi's New Transformation
Episode Number: 91
Director: Yuji Endo
Writer: Shigeru Yanagawa
Animation Director: Katsumi Tamegai
Air Date: March 26, 1994
Previous Episode: Premonition of World's End? Mysterious New Senshi
Next Episode: A Beautiful Boy? The Secret of Haruka Tenou
First English Dub Episode
Name: Crystal Clear Again
Number: 84
Company: Cloverway
Air Date: June 13, 2000
Previous Episode: Star Struck, Bad Luck
Next Episode: Driving Dangerously

A young girl is attacked by a Daimon, but Usagi is no longer able to transform into Sailor Moon, and the overpowered Sailor Team must once again rely on the mysterious new Sailor Senshi.


Professor Tomoe summons Kaolinite to his lab and questions her what their ultimate goal is, and she repeats what he told her earlier: the goal is to find the Holy Grail and use it to rule the world. They mention that the Holy Grail will appear once three talismans, hidden inside Pure Heart Crystals, are collected, and reveal that the new villains call themselves the Death Busters. The professor creates a new Daimon Egg, and it flies out of the lab.

Usagi, in a dream, recalls the loss of her powers. In the dream, she is initially Sailor Moon, but as the Silver Crystal loses its shine, she undergoes a reverse transformation into her civilian clothes. The four other Inner Senshi appear in their uniforms, mocking her for becoming useless. This makes Usagi angry, and she rushes at the girls, but, acting out the dream, violently grabs Luna with her real hands and wakes up after Luna repeatedly slaps her face with a paw.

Usagi tells Luna about her fear of uselessness, but Luna says that it will be all right and suggests asking Mamoru for advice.

Deciding to take Luna's advice, Usagi meets Mamoru at the park and tells him about the dream. After some thought, Mamoru gets an idea. He says that he has something to show her.

The two sneak into the yard of an apparently abandoned house through a hole in the surrounding wall. Usagi, thinking that Mamoru was looking for some romantic privacy, closes her eyes and prepares her lips for a kiss, but Mamoru instead holds a brown kitten against Usagi's face, and it licks her. This scares Usagi, but when she sees the kitten, she finds it cute and calls it Cha-chan. Mamoru explains that homeless cats gather in this house, and he and Usagi go inside to investigate.

Inside the house, a little girl is feeding homeless cats. She hears Usagi's voice and turns to ask who is there, and finds Usagi standing in a Sailor Moon-style pose, complete with the "V" gesture. Mamoru arrives and hands Usagi a package of cat food, and she goes to feed the cats as well. The girl, who introduces herself as Miharu, says that the house will be soon torn down and the cats left truly homeless, so Usagi promises to find owners for them. Mamoru notes how quickly Usagi forgot about her fears.

Meanwhile, the Daimon Egg flies through an open window into a bedroom and embeds itself into a nearly-finished puzzle depicting a white cat, which is lying on the desk.

At Hikawa Shrine, Usagi tells the other girls about the cats, but they all (including Usagi herself) refuse to adopt any, for different reasons. Ami suggests taking some more time to find owners.

Miharu returns home, followed by two kittens; at first, she tries to shove them away, but eventually agrees to let them in until her mother comes. The kittens promptly sneak into her bedroom, where the half-finished puzzle is sitting on her desk. One of the kittens hops onto the desk and damages the puzzle. When Miharu puts the pieces back into place the puzzle suddenly begins to glow, and a face appears out of it, followed by the rest of the Daimon Nekonneru's body.

Miharu runs out of the apartment. As she is closing the front door, Nekonneru manages to catch the girl with her tail, but as Miharu closes the door, the end of the tail is caught and breaks into puzzle pieces. Miharu quickly runs downstairs, followed by the two kittens. Nekonneru opens the door, and the puzzle pieces lying on the floor reattach themselves to her tail, restoring it.

The girl enters the abandoned house and closes the door, but the Daimon appears out of the big window right in front of her.

Meanwhile, Usagi and her friends are just outside the house, playing with the kittens. As they discuss what to do with the cats, however, they hear Miharu's screams from the inside. Nekonneru chases the girl through the house and starts extracting her Pure Heart Crystal. The Daimon is briefly interrupted by the cats, who jump on her and start biting her, but she throws them away.

Seeing this, Usagi tries to transform, but nothing happens. The other Sailor Senshi do transform and challenge the Daimon, but neither Burning Mandala nor Sparkling Wide Pressure have any effect. Instead, the attacks are reflected back at the girls, knocking them down along with Usagi, Luna and Artemis. No longer bothered by anyone, Nekonneru finishes the extraction and grabs the Crystal.

As the Daimon is walking away, two energy balls, the same ones that killed Mikuji, hit her and shatter her into pieces. The mysterious silhouettes appear again; the one with short hair picks up the crystal, says that it is not a talisman, and throws it back into Miharu's body. As the two are walking away, Nekonneru reassembles from the puzzle pieces. Sailor Venus asks the mysterious warriors to stay and fight alongside them, but they say that they are only interested in the talismans and walk away.

The Daimon splits her tail in four and catches each Senshi in a tail, then throws them against the wall. After re-merging the tails into one she attacks Usagi, who is holding Miharu, but a red rose flies through the air and shatters the tail, and Tuxedo Mask appears.

Tuxedo Mask uses his extendable cane to pin Nekonneru against the opposite wall; however, she recovers, breaks the cane and, jumping at Tuxedo Mask, slices his cloak into pieces. His hat and mask fall off, and he barely stands, but manages to throw a rose at the Daimon's face, knocking her down. He then tells Usagi to run away, but she refuses, saying that she wants to stay with the others.

Usagi and Tuxedo Mask stand up and hold hands. Nekonneru jumps at them again, but is thrown back as purple light is emitted in all directions. An illusion of the Moon Castle surrounds the pair as their clothes change to those of Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion, respectively. A new rod appears between them, floating in the air. The Crystal Star transforms into a heart-shaped brooch with a heart-shaped pink crystal within. Usagi and Mamoru take the rod and appear back in the abandoned house, in their previous clothing.

Usagi finally transforms into Sailor Moon with the help of the repowered brooch and with a previously unseen transformation sequence — Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up. She then uses her new power, Moon Spiral Heart Attack, to destroy Nekonneru for good.

Later, Miharu is playing with the cats outside the house while the girls still wonder about what to do with them. After another attempt to persuade her friends to take them fails, Usagi suggests bringing all the cats to the Animal Kingdom, and the others angrily ask her why she didn't come up with this idea earlier and save them all the trouble.

Episode trivia[edit]

  • In this episode Usagi mentioned the Animal Kingdom animal shelter, which was a focal point in episode 79.
  • The exterior of the abandoned mansion in this episode was very similar to the mansion Nephrite used beginning in episode 14, although their surroundings were entirely different.
  • In the English dubbed version of this episode, Lita said that she could not keep the cat because her mother was allergic, even though in every other version of the series she was an orphan. Cloverway also cut out the scene where Minako punched Artemis and the scene where Nekonneru tried to strangle Miharu with her tail.
  • In the Portuguese dub, the voices from the original version could be heard in the background during Nekonneru's death sequence.


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