The Kindness of a Man! Yuuichirou, Heartbroken by Rei?

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Episode Data
Yuuichirou mistakes Haruka for a male rival
Original Episode
Name (Kanji/kana): 男の優しさ! 雄一郎レイに失恋?
Name (Romaji): Otoko no Yasashisa! Yuuichirou Rei ni Shitsuren
Name (Translated): The Kindness of a Man! Yuuichirou, Heartbroken by Rei?
Name (Viz Dub): A Man’s Kindness: Yuichiro Heartbroken by Rei
Episode Number: 99
Director: Harume Kosaka
Writer: Megumi Sugihara
Animation Director: Shinya Hasegawa
Air Date: June 18, 1994
Previous Episode: Save Friends! Moon and Uranus Join Forces
Next Episode: Retire From the Sailor Senshi? Minako's Concerns
First English Dub Episode
Name: Mixed Emotions
Number: 92
Company: Cloverway
Air Date: June 23, 2000
Previous Episode: Friendly Foes
Next Episode: Individual Happiness

Worried by Rei's increasingly intensive meditation, Yuuichirou becomes concerned that she has fallen for another man. When he sees her with Haruka, he is convinced that she is Rei's new suitor.


Rei is chanting intensely in front of a ceremonial fire. Yuuichirou watches her with concern, and when Rei's grandfather enters, says that he is concerned for Rei's health and that he wishes he could do something. Rei's grandfather tells Yuuichirou that whatever it is that Rei is doing, she will not quit until she gets the answer. Rei's conjuring reaches a climax, and the fire builds and seems about to reveal something. Yuuichirou notices Rei's hair is getting close to being burned in the fire. The spell breaks, the fire dies, and Rei realizes someone is behind her. She tells Yuuichirou she is busy and says that whatever he wants must wait until morning, because this fortune is very important. Yuuichirou agrees and gives her his arm band to use as a hair tie, to keep her hair from getting singed should the fire get too wild again. He leaves, and once outside, bemoans his powerlessness.

Down in his lab, Professor Tomoe is waxing ecstatic over the latest Daimon Egg. Kaolinite agrees with him, and then he berates her for wasting his hard work. She reassures him that her plans are also art, and that she will get the Talismans. She departs to the sound of the professor's maniacal laughter.

The next afternoon, Yuuichirou is following Rei as she goes home from school; he was actually sent to buy groceries and was distracted when he saw her. As he silently ponders to himself what could be bothering Rei, Usagi comes up from behind and startles him. She admires his devotion to Rei, and after learning that she is staying up nights trying to foresee something, she concludes that only one thing could be so important: love. Usagi convinces Yuuichirou that Rei is trying to predict whether they will make a good couple together. Yuuichirou is very happy to hear about this and proceeds to make a public spectacle of himself.

Meanwhile, Kaolinite is sitting atop the moving city transit train. She implants the Daimon Egg into the train, as her plan is to use the train to check all passengers for pure hearts.

Yuuichirou walks down the street and comes upon Rei and Haruka talking. Haruka puts her hand on Rei's cheek and Yuuichirou, mistaking Haruka for a man, is shocked that Rei would be flirting with "him." Haruka offers Rei a ride home on her motorcycle. Convinced he cannot possibly compete with someone as attractive as Haruka, Yuuichirou is crushed and leaves, and does not see Rei use the arm band he gave her to tie her hair back for the ride. Haruka asks Rei why she doesn't use a proper hair ribbon. She says the arm band is a kind of lucky charm, and Haruka jokingly says Rei must think she's an unsafe driver.

While studying with the others, Rei falls asleep, but is awakened in the middle of her apocalyptic nightmare. Everyone wonders what is troubling her. She says it's nothing and goes to wash her face with cold water. Usagi is sure that Rei is worried about love, but Makoto senses that it's something else. Makoto joins Rei outside to see if she wants to talk about it, but Rei is not really sure of what is going on. Makoto assures her that when it is time for the Sailor Senshi, they'll be ready, but to make sure it doesn't happen right before exams.

Later that night, Yuuichirou is jogging and trying to figure out who his mysterious rival could be. As he takes a drink of water at a public fountain, he hears someone playing a violin, and sees Michiru. Haruka arrives and frets about whether their actions are futile. Michiru draws close to her and says that they must do what they can. Yuuichirou is now extremely angry as he thinks Haruka has not only ruined his chances, but is also two-timing Rei.

The next day Yuuichirou has called Haruka out, and they meet in an empty lot in the rain. Haruka is confused as to why Yuuichirou wants to fight her, but agrees nonetheless. Yuuichirou attempts to strike Haruka multiple times but misses each time and falls to the ground. Rei arrives on the scene and demands an explanation. Yuuichirou thinks Rei is defending her new boyfriend, admits Haruka is very manly, and tells Haruka to take good care of Rei and quit two-timing. Rei fully realizes what has happened and is utterly embarrassed. Yuuichirou departs, wishing Rei happiness, and Haruka suggests that Rei go after him. Rei claims not to know him, but also says that he is a colossal idiot.

The rain has stopped and the girls are studying at Hikawa Shrine again. Rei has not arrived yet, and Usagi notices that Yuuichirou doesn't seem to be around either. Then Makoto comes and tells them that Yuuichirou is about to leave the shrine for good. They rush off and find him explaining his actions to Rei's grandfather, who grudgingly accepts his decision and wishes him well. The girls quickly surround him to ask why he is leaving, but he begs them not to.

As he starts to leave, Rei appears. They pass each other and he glances at her, but she continues on. When he is well past, she turns and remarks to herself that he is such an idiot. The girls surround her, and Usagi wants to know why she doesn't care that he's gone. She says that blockhead who jumps to conclusions can go where he wants. Usagi says he acts so foolish because he cares so deeply for her. Rei, now in the verge of tears, counters that if he cares so much he should have trusted her to the very end, no matter what he saw. Usagi says that she should at least tell him that, and try to make up. Rei takes the advice and goes after him.

Yuuichirou is about to board the train when Rei appears, interrupting him as he thinks of her. But as he touches the train car, it flashes with energy, levitates, and turns into the Daimon Toden. Kaolinite appears behind him and orders Toden to take the heart crystal of one who loves so deeply. The Daimon removes Yuuichirou's heart crystal, but Rei transforms into Sailor Mars and intervenes. Kaolinite takes the heart crystal and Yuuichirou collapses. Sailor Mars is distracted by this, and Toden attacks, trapping her with a strap hanger. Kaolinite realizes that the heart crystal does not hold a talisman. Sailor Venus appears and hits her with the Venus Love-Me Chain, as Sailor Mercury whisks the heart crystal to safety.

Kaolinite departs, leaving Toden to deal with the Senshi. While spouting train safety and operational slogans, Toden quickly gets the upper hand against the Senshi, but then Sailor Mars freezes her with Akuryo Taisan and follows up with her Burning Mandala attack. Sailor Moon then finishes the Daimon off with Moon Spiral Heart Attack.

The girls return the heart crystal. Watching from afar, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune are impressed as the Inner Senshi are getting better at fighting the Daimons. Yuuichirou awakens with his head in Rei's lap, and sits up wondering what happened to the monster. Rei tells him it must have been some dream he had after he slipped and fell. She uses his arm band to bind up an injury to his arm, tells him that he should put more thought into things, and also orders him to give her a proper hair ribbon next time. Rei tells him it is time to go home, and that later he will have to apologize to Haruka for picking a fight with a "meek little girl." Yuuichirou realizes how foolish he has been, and Rei lends him a shoulder as they walk off into the night.

Episode trivia[edit]

  • This episode was the first in which there was specific background music for the Mars Star Power, Make Up animation sequence.
  • When Usagi was talking to Yuichirou, there was a shop in the background named Toden, the same as the name of the Daimon in the episode.
  • When Usagi and the others were studying, they were wearing casual clothes, but when they went after Yuuichirou they were in their school uniforms, even though there was no time in which they could have changed.
  • In the English dub, Chad was jealous that Amara gave Raye a ride on her motorcycle and that Raye listened to Amara's advice rather than his.


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