Usagi Learns a Lesson! The Road to Stardom is Tough

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Episode Data
Umino gets into character for his female impersonation act
Original Episode
Name (Kanji/kana): うさぎ反省! スターの道はきびしい
Name (Romaji): Usagi Hansei! Sutaa no Michi wa Kibishii
Name (Translated): Usagi Learns a Lesson! The Road to Stardom is Tough
Name (Viz Dub): Usagi Learns Her Lesson: Becoming a Star Is Hard Work
Episode Number: 7
Director: Takao Yoshizawa
Writer: Shigeru Yanagawa
Animation Director: Katsuji Matsumoto
Air Date: April 25, 1992
Previous Episode: Protect the Melody of Love! Usagi is a Cupid
Next Episode: Is the Genius Girl a Youma? Brainwashing School of Terror
First English Dub Episode
Name: So You Want to be a Superstar
Number: 4
Company: DiC
Air Date: September 14, 1995
Previous Episode: Slim City
Next Episode: Computer School Blues

Usagi, Naru and Umino aim to become celebrities, just as Jadeite initiates a plan to enslave people with dreams of fame.


While Usagi, Naru, and Umino discuss the local celebrity Mikan Shiratori, Jadeite is spying on her. Naru decides she and Usagi should follow in Mikan's footsteps and become celebrities, but quickly fall out and decide to become rivals instead. Unfortunately, Usagi is soon stuck for ideas and is reduced to attempting a comedy act with Luna. Naru enlists Umino for her singing act, and dresses him as a girl.

Mikan is showering when she is attacked by a Youma, Derella. It freezes her and steals her identity. The following day the fake Mikan assists Jadeite with the "Cinderella Caravan," an audition for new celebrities. They send out a beam which hypnotizes everyone nearby into wanting to take part. At school, Naru says she will be auditioning, and Usagi is desperate to beat her. However, Luna refuses to be part of Usagi's act, reminding her that she has more important things to be concerned with. Usagi is upset, and becomes even more so when she bumps into her nemesis.

At the Cinderella Caravan, all of the acts pass, even Naru and Umino. With the prospect of performing in front of an audience, Usagi's fixated classmates begin to behave like stars, and soon start to squabble. Usagi and Luna are suspicious of their behavior, and suspect something sinister is behind the Cinderella Caravan.

Usagi and Luna sneak into the Shan Shan Plaza before the show, but find there is no audience. The Mikan clone creates a fake audience, and the hypnotized wannabes all begin to perform their acts at the same time. The "pass" stamps on their hands start to absorb their energy, and Usagi watches as they gradually faint. The fake Mikan spots her, and seeing her Youma form, Usagi runs away. Realizing that Naru and the others are in danger, she transforms into Sailor Moon.

When she returns, everyone is unconscious. She challenges the fake Mikan, who chases her around the theater and encases her in slime that sets around her. Fortunately, Tuxedo Mask throws a rose that shatters the substance, allowing Sailor Moon to break free and destroy the Youma. Everyone, including the real Mikan, wakes up, and Luna manages to (almost) get an apology from Usagi for her goofing off.

Episode trivia[edit]

  • In the DiC dubbed version of the episode, Sailor Moon cried "Moon Tiara Vaporize" instead of her usual "Moon Tiara Magic," and the scene where Usagi hit Umino in the face with the streamer was cut (though it appeared in the Sailor Says segment). Also, all references to Cinderella were removed and Derella's glass attacks were changed to ice.
  • The German and Dutch dubs replaced references to Cinderella with references to Snow White.


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