Shadows of Destruction! The Awakening of the Messiah of Silence

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Episode Data
Sailor Chibi Moon's Pure Heart is removed
Original Episode
Name (Kanji/kana): 破滅の影! 沈黙のメシアの目覚め
Name (Romaji): Hametsu no Kage! Chinmoku no Meshia no Mezame
Name (Translated): Shadows of Destruction! The Awakening of the Messiah of Silence
Name (Viz Dub): Shadow of Destruction: the Messiah of Silence Awakens
Episode Number: 123
Director: Harume Kosaka
Writer: Megumi Sugihara
Animation Director: Mari Tominaga
Air Date: January 28, 1995
Previous Episode: Believe in Love! Ami, a Kind Hearted Senshi
Next Episode: The Horror of the Approaching Shadow! Eight Senshi in a Tough Battle
First English Dub Episode
Name: Wake Up Call
Number: 116
Company: Cloverway
Air Date: July 26, 2000
Previous Episode: The Science of Love
Next Episode: Who's Really Who?

Cyprine, the last of the Witches 5, summons Mugen Academy's students in order to remove their Pure Heart Crystals, while Kaolinite targets Chibiusa.


In the middle of the night, at Mugen Academy, a blue-haired woman uses her magic to summon the superior students of the school in order to sacrifice their pure hearts for the Messiah of Silence. Meanwhile, atop a high-rise building overseeing the delta zone, Haruka and Michiru observe that the planet is beginning to cower at the horror of the approaching Silence.

At Usagi's home, Chibiusa thinks of Hotaru as she takes a bath. Usagi, who has just finished washing her hair under the shower, notices something is worrying Chibiusa, and tries to cheer her up. However, as she approaches the bathtub, Usagi slips on a bar of soap and falls on top of Chibiusa and into the bathtub. Chibiusa chides Usagi for her clumsiness, but soon both girls start playing around. After the bath, the girls head towards their bedrooms and wish each other good night. Before entering her room, Chibiusa stops for a moment and promises Usagi that, though she's worried about Hotaru, she will definitely cheer up. As soon as Chibiusa goes into her room, Luna and Artemis notify Usagi about the mysterious gathering of the Mugen Academy students, and Usagi decides to meet the other Inner Senshi there without telling Chibiusa, promising she will save Hotaru.

Hotaru, who has now been relocated to the private laboratories of Mugen Academy, quietly calls for Chibiusa as she suffers from yet another seizure. Professor Tomoe and his assistant, Cyprine, note that Hotaru's body is weakening rapidly and will soon need the energy of Pure Heart Crystals. The professor claims he can only trust Cyprine for the mission, and Cyprine, the last and (self-proclaimed) greatest of the Witches 5, promises she will do her best to please him. Noticing the presence of Kaolinite, who is eavesdropping the conversation, the witch comments aloud that she's quite different from her predecessor and, unlike Kaolinite, she will not fail. Kaolinite realizes the professor's praise of Cyprine is the same words he once spoke to her, and she swears to get a hold of the best pure heart there is: the heart of the girl who Hotaru has opened up to the most.

Chibiusa wakes up from a nightmare where Hotaru is dragged into darkness by numerous disembodied hands. She decides she will go to the Tomoe residence and save Hotaru by herself.

Hidden behind large columns, Usagi and her friends watch as Cyprine greets the students in a great hall. As the Pure Heart Crystals are drawn from the students' bodies, Cyprine notices intruders have entered school grounds, and with a snap of her fingers she captures the five girls and teleports them to the principal's office, preferring to deal with them before delivering the pure hearts.

Camouflaged as regular students in their school uniforms, Haruka and Michiru follow Cyprine upstairs.

The witch appears in front of the intruders and taunts them about the imminent victory of the Death Busters. Their identities already revealed, the girls transform in front of her. Sailor Mars immediately attacks with Burning Mandala, which blows up the window behind the principal's desk and shrouds the room with smoke. Sailor Mars wonders if she got Cyprine. But before the smoke clears, two balls of energy, one blue and the other red, materialize and hit Sailor Mars. Cyprine reappears wielding a staff, and Sailor Venus binds her with her Venus Love-Me Chain, but is suddenly hit with another blast coming out of nowhere. A second laugh is heard and another witch, red-haired but otherwise identical to Cyprine, appears and calls herself Ptilol. Suddenly, the space around them warps and the Senshi find themselves trapped inside a strange dimension that becomes their battlefield. Sailor Jupiter attacks Cyprine and Ptilol with Sparkling Wide Pressure, but the twins simply join their staffs together and send the attack back at Jupiter in the form of a bigger blast of energy, making it clear that as long as Cyprine and Ptilol work together, there is no possibility of defeating them.

Chibiusa arrives at Hotaru's home and transforms into Sailor Chibi Moon. Kaolinite, who now knows her secret identity, awaits her in the living room. She says Hotaru also wants to see Chibiusa, and obtain her pure heart. Tuxedo Mask arrives in time to stop Kaolinite, but after he delivers a speech, Kaolinite fires a blast of energy against Sailor Chibi Moon that sends her flying outside the window. Kaolinite and Tuxedo Mask follow her, and at the same time Sailor Pluto appears and attacks with Dead Scream. Kaolinite deflects the attack and takes Chibi Moon with her.

Meanwhile, the Inner Senshi continue struggling to deliver a blow without having their attacks reflected back at them. Sailor Mercury attempts to use Shine Aqua Illusion but Cyprine and Ptilol easily deflect the attack, making the Senshi realize their opponents' teamwork is very strong and that they need to separate the pair. The Witches promise to destroy the Senshi with their next attack, and the Senshi decide to in turn demonstrate their own teamwork. Sailor Mercury uses Sabão Spray to block the sisters' vision, while Sailor Venus, Sailor Moon, and Sailor Mars use Venus Love-Me Chain, Moon Tiara Action, and Fire Soul. Cyprine and Ptilol simply absorb the attacks in their staffs, building up enough energy that their attacks could be fatal to the Senshi. Sailor Jupiter tackles Cyprine and runs away, and the witch chases after her. Sailor Mars does the same to Ptilol, separating her from her sister. With the fog hampering their vision, the pair are tricked into firing their attacks at each other, destroying themselves.

In the hall, a giant statue representing the Messiah of Silence crumbles down as the last of the Witches 5 dies.

As Cyprine and Ptilol disappear the Inner Senshi find themselves back in the principal's office. A portal leading to another dimension opens in front of them and Sailor Mercury determines it leads to the Death Busters' headquarters.

Having located the entrance before, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune arrive at the end of the corridor that leads to the throne of the Messiah of Silence. Sailor Chibi Moon lies unconscious on an altar before the throne, but Professor Tomoe is also waiting there to greet the two Senshi. Uranus recognizes the young Senshi and tries to rescue her, but is stopped by an electrified barrier that surrounds the altar.

The Inner Senshi arrive and Sailor Moon recognizes Tomoe as Hotaru's father. She then notices Sailor Chibi Moon and runs towards her, colliding against the forcefield in spite of Uranus' warning. Kaolinite, now standing by the altar, says the Messiah of Silence will soon awake thanks to Chibi Moon's sacrifice. Upon hearing these words, Hotaru becomes surrounded by an eerie aura, and a hand shaped from purple energy emerges from her and reaches toward Chibi Moon. Sailor Moon begs Tomoe to put an end to it if he really loves Hotaru, but the professor simply responds that he doesn't know what she means by "love." Chibi Moon regains consciousness long enough to tell Hotaru she's glad her friend is okay, then as her Pure Heart Crystal is removed she faints and reverts to her civilian form. Hotaru devours the crystal and transforms, not into Sailor Saturn, but into a long-haired woman with a black star on her forehead: Mistress 9 of the Death Busters. The Senshi then realize there was another entity living inside Hotaru all along, and it has now been awakened.

As lightning flashes around Mistress 9, Kaolinite turns towards Professor Tomoe, who apologizes for having troubled her. Kaolinite begins expressing her gratitude but is suddenly struck by a lightning bolt that sends her against the electrified barrier, killing her, for, according to Mistress 9, she has served her purpose. Mistress 9's power grows, removing the protective barrier around the altar and threatening to destroy the entire dimension. The Inner Senshi barely have time to retrieve Chibiusa and leave the building before the top stories of the academy blow up. Waiting outside are Sailor Pluto and Tuxedo Mask, who had previously evacuated the students. Sailor Moon, carrying Chibiusa in her arms, declares that she is no longer breathing. Pluto calls her name, then turns around to see Uranus and Neptune standing atop a building nearby, watching them.

At Mamoru's apartment, Luna and Artemis manage to link Chibiusa and Mamoru's bodies, keeping her alive by sharing Mamoru's life force. Usagi laments all the fighting they have done until now will be pointless if they can't save Chibiusa. At that time, Setsuna arrives and announces she will be heading towards Mugen Academy with Uranus and Neptune to try and defeat the Messiah of Silence. Makoto, Rei, and the others protest, for they cannot think of killing Mistress 9 if that means Hotaru will die with her. Setsuna tells them that there is no other way to save "Small Lady", and leaves.

Usagi tearfully says she won't allow Hotaru to die because she doesn't want to see any other person unhappy with the loss of a loved one. Resolving to fight for their ideals no matter what, the Inner Senshi head towards the ruins of Mugen Academy.

Episode trivia[edit]

  • Cyprine and Ptilol made their first and only appearance in this episode.
  • Kaolinite made her final appearance in the series in this episode.
  • In the French dub, Chibiusa's nightmare and Mistress 9 killing Kaolinite were removed.
  • The entire bath scene with Usagi and Chibiusa was completely cut from the KBS Korean dub. The scene was restored for the Laftel streaming service, although without any spoken dialogue.


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