Saturn Planet Power, Make Up

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Sailor Senshi Transformation
Saturn Planet Power, Make Up
Transformation Name: Saturn Planet Power, Make Up
Transformation Name (kanji/kana): サターン・プラネット・パワー・メイク・アップ
English Name: N/A
Performed by: Sailor Saturn
Item Required: None
First Used (anime): N/A
First Used (manga): N/A

Saturn Planet Power, Make Up was the transformation phrase used by Hotaru Tomoe to become Sailor Saturn only in the Sailor Moon video games.

An animated transformation sequence using the phrase was made for the games Sailor Moon SuperS: Shin Shuyaku Soudatsusen for the Playstation, and Sailor Moon SuperS - Various Emotion on the Sega Saturn, both of which were created by Angel Studios. Until Sailor Moon Eternal, it was the only animated transformation sequence that was ever made for Sailor Saturn, although the command was used in other video games.

The transformation was very brief, and her outfit change was never shown. First, Saturn's planetary symbol spun horizontally several times. Then Hotaru thrust her hand into the air and silver stars flashed over her fingernails, turning them white (very similar to Moon Prism Power, Make Up). In an instant Sailor Saturn was fully transformed, opening her eyes and sweeping down into her finishing pose, holding her Silence Glaive with the Saturn symbol behind her.