Sailor Moon R Part 2

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DVD Information
Title: Sailor Moon R Part 2
Season: Sailor Moon R
DVD Region: 1
Catalog Number: B010Q6K50M (original blu-ray/DVD)
B017NBOXIS (corrected blu-ray/DVD)
B010Q6K0BG (original DVD)
B017NBP28I (corrected DVD)
Release Date: October 27, 2015 (corrected version released December 29, 2015)
Audio Tracks: Japanese, English
Subtitles: English, closed captions
Sailor Moon R DVD chronology
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Sailor Moon R Part 2 was a blu-ray and DVD box set released by Viz Media, containing episodes 69-89 of the Sailor Moon R season of the Sailor Moon anime with the Studiopolis-produced English dub, as well as the original Japanese audio with English subtitles. Due to an error with sound syncing in the dub version of episode 80 caused by footage being sequenced in the wrong order, the first pressings of the set were recalled and a correct version was later issued.


69. Awaken the Sleeping Beauty: Mamoru's Distress
70. Battle of the Flames of Love! Mars vs. Koan
71. For Friendship: Ami vs. Berthier
72. Rubeus the Heartless: The Tragic Sisters
73. A UFO Appears: The Sailor Guardians Abducted
74. Defeat Rubeus: The Battle in Space
75. The Mysterious New Guardian: Sailor Pluto Appears
76. Magic of Darkness: Esmeraude's Invasion
77. Shared Feelings: Usagi and Mamoru in Love Once Again
78. Venus: Minako's Nurse Mayhem
79. Artemis's Adventure: The Monster Animal Kingdom
80. The Terrifying Illusion: Ami All Alone
81. The Dark Gate Is Completed? The Targeted Elementary School
82. Journey to the Future: Battle in the Space-Time Corridor
83. The Shocking Future: Demande's Dark Ambition
84. Wiseman's Evil Hand: Chibiusa Disappears
85. The Dark Queen: Birth of Black Lady
86. Saphir Dies: Wiseman's Trap
87. Believing in Love and the Future: Usagi's Determination
88. The Final Battle Between Light and Dark: Pledge of Love to the Future
89. Usagi and the Girls' Resolve: Prelude to a New Battle