The Golden Crystal Appears! Nehellenia's Spell

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Episode Data
Queen Nehellenia forces the Golden Crystal from Helios
Original Episode
Name (Kanji/kana): 黄金水晶出現!ネヘレニアの魔力
Name (Romaji): Gooruden Kuristaru Shutsugen! Neherenia no Maryoku
Name (Translated): The Golden Crystal Appears! Nehellenia's Spell
Name (Viz Dub): The Golden Crystal Appears: Nehellenia's Magic
Episode Number: 164
Director: Takuya Igarashi
Writer: Yoji Enokido
Animation Director: Masahiro Ando
Air Date: February 17, 1996
Previous Episode: Labyrinth of Mirrors! Chibi Moon Captured
Next Episode: Time for the Crystal to Shine! Beautiful Power of Dreams
First English Dub Episode
Name: One in the Hand
Number: 157
Company: Cloverway
Air Date: November 14, 2000
Previous Episode: The Dark Legend
Next Episode: Golden Revival

Queen Nehellenia forces Helios to return to his body and give up the Golden Crystal, allowing the evil queen to break free from her mirror.


Artemis, Luna and Diana wonder about Mamoru's mysterious illness, and discuss the eclipse and what the Dead Moon could be. Luna recalls something about a black moon covering the sun, and a story about a witch sealed inside the new moon. Artemis seems to recall the story as well, and feels that Queen Serenity sealed this enemy away. He says there is no way she could have broken free.

In a flashback, the Amazoness Quartet are running through a jungle. PallaPalla falls behind, trips and begins to cry. However, the other three girls return to her. VesVes tells her not to cry and helps her up. A strange light catches their attention, and they all run over to a beam of light falling from above into a clear lake. There they find a mirror in the water. VesVes lifts it out and they examine it. Suddenly, it begins to glow and speak to them.

In the Dead Moon tent, CereCere pulls petals off a flower, trying to predict if they can escape, while VesVes informs her the fortune telling is fixed. CereCere comes to the conclusion that they can get out but VesVes still does not buy it. JunJun manages to get out of her mirror with "Ball Through" but almost falls. As she climbs on top of her mirror, PallaPalla tells them that they do not have to rush and that Nehellenia will let them out eventually. JunJun wonders if maybe Nehellenia is mad at them for trying to steal Pegasus, but VesVes says Nehellenia is not like Zirconia, and figures JunJun is thinking too much.

The flashback continues. The four girls are confronted with the talking mirror in the jungle. The voice of Nehellenia tells the girls that their happy laughter has woken her up, and she will reward them with an exceptional gift: that their happy dreams will last forever.

Back in the present day, all four girls are on one mirror and PallaPalla calls out to Nehellenia that she has repented and she is hungry. At the main mirror, Nehellenia tells Zirconia that she will remove Pegasus from Sailor Chibi Moon, and asks Zirconia to make sure she destroys those of the White Moon. When Zirconia leaves, Nehellenia calls Chibi Moon forward, tied up by her limbs and unconscious. She removes the bonds and calls Helios forward. A bright purple light flashes from below and rises up, through the walkway and through Chibi Moon’s chest causing her to cry out in agony. Nehellenia laughs as Chibi Moon’s Dream Mirror appears over her screams. It is golden. Nehellenia brings down the body of Helios, bound and caged. She tells him that if he does not want Chibi Moon’s dream mirror smashed, he must return to his original body.

Sailor Chibi Moon chokes out that he should not go and begins to cry. Pegasus comes forth from the mirror and Nehellenia tells him that if he does not do what she says, Chibiusa will die. She releases Helios’ body from the restraints and his priest robes appear. Pegasus watches Chibi Moon’s Dream Mirror return to her body, and when she falls to the ground, he turns to her. Nehellenia scolds him and tells him to come to her. He reluctantly walks to her and returns to his body. The golden horn on his head glows and Nehellenia laughs once again.

Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Jupiter are following Sailor Mercury. She is working on her mini computer to calculate the location of Chibiusa. Just as they locate where she might be, Zirconia’s voice breaks in and threatens to kill them. In an instant, a spoke wheel of candles surrounds them. Zirconia appears and addresses them, telling them that they will be avenged. Mercury states that it is an illusion. Zirconia asks them if they will be able to win against her if they cannot call Pegasus, and Sailor Moon becomes more concerned for Chibiusa.

Chibi Moon still lay unconscious on the floor as Helios opens his eyes. Nehellenia addresses him, asking if he understands that he belongs to her. Helios defies her. Nehellenia asks if he is dissatisfied with being the servant to someone as beautiful as she. Helios turns to her and there is a flash of the Golden Crystal. Nehellenia retreats from him, telling him to stop while shielding her face. Helios returns to his feet and Nehellenia again tells him to stop.

Chibi Moon wakes up. Nehellenia’s face begins to wrinkle near her eyes but then she releases an attack on Helios, commanding him to stop. Helios is thrown back into Chibi Moon’s arms. She tries to wake him and holds him, crying. Helios opens his eyes and Chibi Moon gives him an affectionate hug. Nehellenia is furious, and traps them both in a net which tears them from each other. As Chibi Moon’s hand begins to slip, she tells him that that was the first time he has called her Chibiusa. Then their grasp is broken.

The Amazoness Quartet are still trapped in the mirrors, and decide that Nehellenia must really be mad at them. PallaPalla starts to cry but VesVes says it might not be true. She uses "See-Through Ball" but gets the wrong image. Instead of Nehellenia, they see the five senshi trapped in the candle circle.

The senshi use their attacks to smash through the illusions of Zirconia but more just keep appearing. The illusions blast the senshi, knocking them to the ground. Sailor Mercury tries to locate the real Zirconia and realizes that only one of them has a completed staff. She releases Mercury Aqua Rhapsody and lands a direct hit. Watching through VesVes' ball, the Quartet decide that Zirconia deserved that, then the mirror below them glows red and they fall through.

The Senshi confront Zirconia who calls out to Nehellenia. Then the Amazoness Quartet appear and tell Zirconia to leave it to them. Zirconia calls them idiots and wraps them up in restraints, zapping them with powerful attacks. The senshi are surprised to see Zirconia draw power away from the Quartet to make herself strong again. PallaPalla tells her that she will tell Nehellenia about this. Zirconia calls out a thank you to Nehellenia and tells her that she will use this energy to serve her. Nehellenia’s voice replies from above that Zirconia must use the energy to get rid of the senshi. The Amazoness Quartet then realize they have been expendable to her as Nehellenia informs them of what their true use has been to her: energy to power the Dead Moon. After hearing this, Sailor Moon runs to them, but is knocked back by the powerful attack. Zirconia attacks them again but Mercury figures out that the Amazon Stones carriued by the Quartet are responsible for draining their energy. Mercury tells them to break them in order to be freed, but the Quartet insiat that the stones are the crystals of their dreams, and if they break them they will grow up and not be able to use magic. Sailor Moon tells them that it is okay, because truly beautiful dreams cannot be taken from them. Zirconia says it is foolish and releases another attack on Sailor Moon, telling the senshi they have nowhere to run. They tell Zirconia that they would not run anyway, since the other option now is a world without dreams.

CereCere pulls petals off a flower, saying "Break, don’t break, break, don’t break" and she ends up on ‘break’ for the final petal. JunJun teases her that the fortune telling is unreliable, and then they all break their orbs and are released from Zirconia’s energy trap. Faced with four more opponents, Zirconia retreats.

Sailor Moon calls after her, but the Amazoness Quartet tell her that Zirconia sleeps at the other end of the hall.

Nehellenia is trying to pull the Golden Crystal from Helios’ head while Chibi Moon watches in agony from her restraints. In a flash, she releases the Golden Crystal. Mamoru suffers in bed and Sailor Moon senses a change. Nehellenia holds the Golden Crystal in her hands while Helios slumps foreword. Chibi Moon begs Helios to open his eyes but his body fades away into nothingness. Nehellenia tells Chibi Moon that this is nothing compared to her suffering, and says that she will receive her curse and sleep forever.

Zirconia appears before Nehellenia’s mirror and sees the Golden Crystal in her hand. Nehellenia asks Zirconia what her greatest happiness is and Zirconia replies that it would be to see with her own eyes Nehellenia's true form released from the mirror. Nehellenia asks if Zirconia remembers what her greatest sadness was, and says she no longer wants to see Zirconia in the mirror. As Nehellenia forces her way through the mirror, Zirconia turns to red energy and vanishes with a howl. The mirror shatters and frees Nehellenia – the dark eclipse is completed.

Sailor Moon arrives at the broken mirror and finds Sailor Chibi Moon lying there. She tries to wake her, but the whole place begins to tremble and shake. Outside, dark lightning bolts streak through the sky as numerous Dead Moon Circus tents descend.

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