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Episode Data
Minako accidently blows up Rei's cassette player
Original Episode
Name (Kanji/kana): ヴィーナス美奈子のナース大騒動
Name (Romaji): Viinasu Minako no Naasu Dai Soudou
Name (Translated): Venus Minako's Nurse Mayhem
Name (Viz Dub): Venus: Minako's Nurse Mayhem
Episode Number: 78
Director: Noriyo Sasaki
Writer: Katsuyuki Sumizawa
Animation Director: Masahiro Ando
Air Date: December 18, 1993
Previous Episode: Our Feelings are the Same! Usagi and Mamoru in Love Once Again
Next Episode: Artemis' Adventure! The Evil Animal Kingdom
First English Dub Episode
Name: No Thanks, Nurse Venus
Number: 71
Company: DiC
Air Date: December 7, 1998
Previous Episode: Promises Fulfilled
Next Episode: Dog Day for Artemis

Esmeraude releases a virulent strain of influenza into Tokyo, and only Minako and Chibiusa seem unaffected.


It is almost Christmas, and as people wearing face masks walk the streets of Tokyo a news report plays in a store window talking about the influenza outbreak. Esmeraude pauses to watch the news and gloats about her plan to spread Dark Power through this new strain of influenza. Minako walks past, looking around at all the people, and declares that it is time for her to take action.

At the Hikawa Shrine, Rei receives a phone call from Makoto. Both of them have the flu, and Makoto says that Usagi and Ami are also ill, but there is one Sailor Senshi who is still full of energy. Just then Minako arrives, enthusiastically swinging her cat carrier (as Artemis loudly protests) and announcing that she is there to help. Makoto listens to this over the phone with a wince, then looks around at her apartment that Minako had already destroyed.

Minako makes rice porridge for Rei, saying that she made it right this time, and Artemis observes that Minako had already tried to make it for both Makoto and Ami. This attempt turned out no better than the previous two, however, and everything else that Minako attempts to do to help her sick friend only backfires until Rei finally loses her temper and kicks Minako out. Undaunted, Minako hurries off through the shopping center toward Usagi's house, ignoring Artemis' suggestion that she stop trying to "help" people.

In the meantime, Esmeraude watches her Dark Henge grow, certain that this time her plan will work and she will be able to please Prince Demande.

Rei calls Usagi to warn her about Minako, but Usagi says they already have someone at her house who is full of energy. The call is interrupted when Chibiusa calls for help, as she was trying to hang the laundry and instead almost fell off the balcony. She is saved by Ikuko, who asks Usagi to take care of her. The two bicker briefly and Usagi says aloud that she wishes there was someone who could play with Chibiusa, whereupon Minako appears and declares that she will take on that duty and every other task that needs to be done, then firmly shoos Usagi off to bed despite her protests.

As Usagi and the sick Luna attempt to get some rest, Minako and Chibiusa appear dressed as nurses and try to tend to their patients. This attempt turns out about as well as Minako's previous ones, and Usagi convinces them to leave her alone. The two girls then try to take care of the household chores, but in the process cause havoc and make a huge mess. Usagi and her mother survey the damage, then Ikuko tiredly says she will clean it up after she has a short nap. Usagi watches her go, then becomes dizzy and passes out.

In a dream, Usagi is on a romantic date with Mamoru when her friends appear and lecture the two of them. Mamoru falls into a void and disappears, then fire appears and surrounds Usagi. She awakens to find Minako changing the cold compress on her forehead as Chibiusa sleeps at the end of the bed. Usagi asks Minako why she's so determined to take care of her, and Minako replies that it is because Usagi is someone very important to her, and that Chibiusa was helping because she also cares about Usagi. Chibiusa wakes up and reminds Minako that they were going to go to the hospital to pick up everyone's medicine, and after making certain Usagi will be all right if left alone, the two of them leave. Usagi watches them go with a smile on her face.

The halls of Juuban Medical University Hospital are full of the slumped forms of unconscious staff members. Esmeraude arrives to check on her Droid, Pharmakon, who is disguised as a nurse and watching over the Dark Henge. Pharmakon says that if they deliver the medication infused with Dark Power to more humans the Dark Gate will be open very soon.

Chibiusa and Minako arrive at the hospital to find the lobby empty and nobody at the window. Upset that there is nobody there to help them, Chibiusa rushes off down a hallway and when she finds the disguised Esmeraude and Pharmakon, demands that they give her their medication. Esmeraude is surprised that there is still a child with that much energy, and offers to give Chibiusa a shot so that she won't get sick. Chibiusa is visibly scared of the needle, and when Pharmakon tries to hold her down so Esmeraude can administer the injection, the girl cries out and triggers a moonbeam.

The Sailor Senshi sense the energy and realize that Chibiusa is in trouble, and Minako transforms into Sailor Venus.

Realizing that they have the Rabbit before them, Esmeraude and Pharmakon abandon their disguises and prepare to attack, but are stopped by Sailor Venus. Esmeraude is surprised that the Sailor Senshi have already found her, and Sailor Venus pretends that she knew all about the Black Moon Clan's plot as Esmeraude explains it. Chibiusa watches in silent shock, amazed that Sailor Venus can play along so calmly.

The other Senshi determinedly make their way toward where Chibiusa is, ignoring how sick they are. Usagi tells a concerned Luna and Artemis that if Chibiusa is in danger then that is where she needs to be, no matter what.

As Sailor Venus and Pharmakon fight, the Droid fires off a series of syringes at the Senshi that pin her to the wall. She then attacks Chibiusa, but a thrown rose shatters the syringe and saves her. Tuxedo Mask appears and announces that he cannot forgive them, but when a furious Esmeraude orders the Droid to keep attacking, the other Senshi appear and join the fray. A dismayed Sailor Venus tells them that they should all be in bed, but they assure her that they're fine because she helped them.

Esmeraude promptly flees and Sailor Mars uses Burning Mandala to knock the Droid down, but when Sailor Moon goes to attack she falters, overcome by illness. Tuxedo Mask calls out encouragement and she finds the strength to use Moon Princess Halation to destroy Pharmakon. Sailor Venus interrupts the moment of triumph to beg the others to get her down from the wall.

The Dark Henge topples over and shatters, and Esmeraude swears revenge on the Sailor Senshi.

Now that the source of Dark Power has been destroyed the flu epidemic ends, but Minako and Artemis end up in bed with a real cold. Usagi and Chibiusa show up to take care of her, but as their attempts at nursing devolve into another argument, Minako plaintively wails that she just wants some rest.

Episode trivia[edit]

  • Chibiusa's fear of needles was revealed in this episode.
  • In the Japanese original, "Deck the Halls" and "Jingle Bells" could be heard in scenes at the Azabu-Juuban Shopping District.
  • This episode marked the first time Makoto was seen with her hair out of its trademark ponytail.
  • Most objects belonging to a monster-of-the-day would disintegrate after that monster was destroyed, but in this episode, the needles that Pharmakon used to nail Sailor Venus to the wall remained intact even after she was destroyed.
  • Minako's name was written in romaji on the apron she wore in this episode, and this was not removed in the first English dub even though in the dub her name was "Mina." The dub also removed all references to Christmas in the episode.


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