Moonlight Attractive Attack

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PGSM Sailor Senshi Attacks
Moonlight Attractive Attack
Attack Name: Moonlight Attractive Attack
Attack Name (kanji/kana): ムーンライト・アトラクティブ・アタック
Performed by: Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus
Item Required: Sailor Star Tambourine, Moonlight Stick
First Used: Act 28 - Welcome Back, Ami!

Moonlight Attractive Attack was an attack performed by all the Inner Senshi other than Sailor Luna, that appeared in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. It was performed with the Sailor Star Tambourines and Moonlight Stick.

Sailor Moon would hold her Moonlight Stick up in the air. Behind her, the other Senshi would place their Sailor Star Tambourines together so that they were touching. The tambourines would glow, and then the Senshi would lift them above their heads as they were shining brightly. A background of the Senshi's planets in space would appear, over which the Senshi would pose, with Sailor Moon in the center holding her Moonlight Stick. The other Senshi would then place their Sailor Star Tambourines together again, and they would glow again, creating a bow of blue, red, orange and green light (representing the Senshi's colors). Sailor Moon would appear in front of a crescent moon and have her Moonlight Stick charged with energy, with which she could shoot the enemy.

The attack could be performed by less than five Senshi and there was no indication of what the minimum number of participants was.