Moon Twilight Flash

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Sailor Senshi Attacks
Moon Twilight Flash in the manga
Attack Name: Moon Twilight Flash
Attack Name (kanji/kana): ムーン・トワイライト・フラッシュ
English Name: Moon Twilight Flash
Performed by: Sailor Moon
Item Required: Tiara (manga), Moonlight Stick (PGSM)
First Used (anime): N/A
First Used (manga): Act 4 Masquerade Kamenbutoukai
First Used (PGSM): Act 2 - Ami Became a Friend

Moon Twilight Flash was an attack used by Sailor Moon in the manga and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.


In the manga, she used the gem in her tiara to reflect moonlight at the enemy. The attack first appeared in Act 4, when Sailor Moon received a new tiara (in place of the one which had burned up while attacking Jadeite) and used its powers to destroy Nephrite's shadow.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon[edit]

In the live-action series, Sailor Moon used her Moonlight Stick to perform this attack. When this attack was performed, the crescent on the Moonlight Stick glowed, then she lifted her leg and spun, appearing to briefly separate into three images. When the images reunited as one again, she pointed the wand at her opponent and it fired balls of glowing light.


  • In the original German translation of the manga, it was translated as "Blitz der Monddämmerung, steh mir bei" (Flash of the moon twilight, stand by me).


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The unnamed attack in Crystal Moon Twilight Flash in PGSM