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Sailor Senshi Weapon
The Moon Stick in the manga
Item Name: Moon Stick
Item Name (kanji/kana): ムーン・スティック
English Name: Crescent Moon Wand (DiC dub, ADV dub, Mixx manga), Moon Stick (original Kodansha manga, Viz dub), Moon Wand (Kodansha Eternal Edition)
Used by: Sailor Moon, Queen Serenity, Princess Serenity, Sailor Chibi Moon (musicals only)
Attack(s) Required For: Moon Healing Escalation, Moon Prism Power
First Appearance (anime): Jupiter, the Brawny Girl in Love
First Appearance (manga): Act 5 Makoto SAILORJUPITER

The Moon Stick was used by Sailor Moon to perform the Moon Healing Escalation attack. In the anime, it had an alarm that went off whenever a Rainbow Crystal carrier came near it. It became more powerful after the Silver Crystal was docked to it. Queen Serenity was its previous owner.


The Moon Stick
in the anime

In the anime, the item was a pink stick with a gold decoration on the bottom, a jewel and a crescent moon shape near the moon end, and a gold crescent moon on the top. The item was given to Usagi Tsukino by Luna in episode 25. The small jewel could be used to detect Rainbow Crystal holders, as it flashed when it approached them. In a flashback scene in episode 44, Queen Serenity stated that it could only be used by a descendant of the Moon Kingdom.

The Moon Stick was a point of conflict in the first season, as the other Senshi doubted Usagi's responsibility to use it properly. Usagi did lose the Stick once: in episode 28, it fell out of Usagi's bag as she hurried to catch up with Naru, and nearly landed in a river. Luna returned it to her later with an admonishment to be more careful.

In episode 34, the Silver Crystal appeared and attached itself to the Moon Stick. This was the final form of the Moon Stick that Sailor Moon used to defeat Queen Beryl in episode 46. After this battle, the Moon Stick was lost.

Finally in episode 48, Sailor Moon attempted to call on the Moon Stick but failed; in episode 51, she was given a new weapon, the Cutie Moon Rod, by Queen Serenity.


In the manga, the Moon Stick was similar in appearance to the one in the anime, but the crescent moon was silver instead of gold. As there were no Rainbow Crystals in the manga, the wand had no detection properties.

Unlike in the anime, no one disputed Usagi's ability to handle the Moon Stick, and the weapon was never lost.

When the Silver Crystal appeared, it could be used in conjunction with the Moon Stick. In the final battle with Queen Metalia, the Moon Stick became a long staff. After Usagi got her new brooch, she used the Moon Stick to revive the people on Earth; it vanished shortly after, and was never seen again.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon[edit]

Sailor Moon's main weapon in the live-action series was heavily based on the Moon Stick, but it had different functions and was called the Moonlight Stick.


  • The Moon Stick was the only one of Sailor Moon's attack items that was ever seen while she was in civilian form in the anime.
  • The material with which the Moon Stick was made was unknown, but in episode 43, when Oniwabandana struck the Moon Stick with her sword, the sword broke but the Moon Stick remained unharmed.
  • In ADV's DVD box set of the anime, the Moon Stick was still referred to as "Crescent Moon Wand" in the subtitles.
  • In the Spanish version, the Moon Stick was called "Los Cuernos de la Luna," meaning "The Horns of the Moon," a term often used in literature to describe a goddess of the moon.
  • Kodansha's original release of the English-translated manga called this weapon the "Moon Stick," but the Eternal Edition used "Moon Wand" because the translators felt that "stick" was "a little mundane."