Moon Princess Halation

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Sailor Senshi Attacks
Moon Princess Halation in the anime
Attack Name: Moon Princess Halation
Attack Name (kanji/kana): ムーン・プリンセス・ハレーション
English Name: Moon Scepter Elimination, Moon Scepter Activation, Moon Princess Elimination (dub); Moon Princess Halo (Mixx manga); Moon Princess Halation (Kodansha manga, Viz dub)
Performed by: Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Moon (manga, musicals, Crystal)
Item Required: Cutie Moon Rod, Spiral Heart Moon Rod (musicals only)
First Used (anime): A New Transformation! Usagi Powers Up (Sailor Moon), Act.26 Saisei - NEVER ENDING - (Sailor Chibi Moon)
First Used (manga): Act 15 Shinnyuu SAILORMARS (Sailor Moon), Act 26 Saisei NEVER ENDING (Sailor Chibi Moon)
First Used (musical): Sailor Moon - Gaiden Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen

Moon Princess Halation was Sailor Moon's attack from the R season of the anime, the Black Moon arc of the manga, and the second season of Sailor Moon Crystal.

When Sailor Moon performed this attack in the anime, she would wave the Cutie Moon Rod around in a complex manner, charging it up, before pointing it toward her target and sending the attack.

In the manga and Crystal, Neo-Queen Serenity gave the Rod to Sailor Chibi Moon, allowing her to perform this attack with Sailor Moon in order to destroy Death Phantom and the planet Nemesis.


  • The word "halation" refers to light spreading to surround an object, as if making a halo about it. The word was first used by early photographers to refer to light blurring and bleeding into shadows in an image.
  • This attack was originally renamed "Moon Scepter Elimination" in the first English dub, but in dub episode 67 it changed to "Moon Scepter Activation." The dub also removed most of the sound effects during the attack animation sequence.
  • The ADV box set of Sailor Moon R mistakenly subtitled this attack as "Moon Princess Elimination," one of the dub names for this attack.