King Endymion

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Character Information
Name: King Endymion
Name (kanji/kana): キング・エンディミオン
Alignment: Crystal Tokyo
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Lives: Crystal Tokyo
Occupation: King of the Earth
Family: Neo-Queen Serenity (wife), Small Lady (daughter)
Associates: Helios, the Shitennou (manga)
Aliases: Mamoru Chiba, Tuxedo Mask, Prince Endymion, Moonlight Knight, Space Knight
First Anime Appearance: The Shocking Future! Demande's Dark Ambition
First Manga Appearance: Act 19 Time Warp SAILORPLUTO
First PGSM Appearance: N/A
English Name: King Darien (dub), King Endymion (manga, Viz dub)
Actors: Tohru Furuya (anime), Kenji Nojima (Crystal), Vincent Corazza (dub), Robbie Daymond (Viz dub)

King Endymion was the name taken by Mamoru Chiba during the reign of Neo-Queen Serenity in the distant future. He did not appear for very long in either the anime or manga, so there is very little known about him. He was always seen wearing a lavender tuxedo and a white mask.

King Endymion in the anime
During the second season of the anime, King Endymion sent nightmares to his past self, which caused Mamoru to break up with (and act cold towards) Usagi in order to prevent her from being killed as was depicted in his dreams. This was, however, not the King's intent; he wanted Mamoru and Usagi's bond to be stronger in order to help them survive the onslaught of the Black Moon Clan and Wiseman.

In the manga, Crystal, and musicals, he could still use the attack Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber, and possessed the Golden Crystal.

In the musicals, King Endymion was played by Yuuta Mochizuki, Kenji Urai, and Yuga Yamato.