Invasion From Space! Seiren Comes Flying in

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A strange little girl appears and makes Ikuko believe she is Usagi's sister, while in the meantime two new Sailor Animamates arrive.


Episode Data
Seiya and Usagi bring Chibi Chibi to the police station
Original Episode
Name (Kana): 宇宙からの侵略! セイレーン飛来
Name (Romaji): Uchuu kara no Shinryaku! Seireen Hirai
Name (Translated): Invasion From Space! Seiren Comes Flying in
Name (Dub): Invaders from Outer Space: The Coming of Siren
Episode Number: 182
Director: Noriyo Sasaki
Writer: Ryota Yamaguchi
Animation Director: Shigetaka Kiyoyama
Air Date: August 3, 1996
Previous Episode: Seiya and Usagi's Nervous Date
Next Episode: The Scream of Dead Souls? Terror of a Monster at Camp

Usagi drops her latest letter to Mamoru into the mailbox and wonders how he is doing. She thinks about everything that has been going on lately, and is embarassed when Seiya immediately comes to mind. She looks up at the sky and thinks about how much she misses Mamoru.

In the meantime, a small figure floats down to the ground with an umbrella, accompanied by swirls of white feathers.

Sailor Galaxia sits on her throne, holding three Star Seeds, and addresses the Sailor Animamates, who tell her that they control almost all of the galaxy. Galaxia orders Sailor Aluminum Seiren to continue work on Earth, saying that she won't allow more failures like Sailor Iron Mouse.

The Inner Senshi meet at the park and discuss their new enemy, Galaxia. They wonder if the Sailor Starlights are also enemies, since they come from outside the solar system, but Usagi insists that they are not. Setsuna appears and tells them not to let their guard down, because this enemy is worse than any they have faced.

Later, Usagi sits on a park bench and wonders why everyone keeps warning her about the Starlights. Luna says that it is because they are worried about her, but Usagi tunes her out, lost in her own thoughts. Usagi's attention is suddenly caught by a small girl with an umbrella; when the umbrella is blown away by a sudden gust of wind, Usagi jumps up and grabs it, returning it to the child. She then heads off, followed by Luna, as the girl watches her.

As Usagi and Luna head home, they realize that the girl is following them. Usagi tries to talk to her, but the only thing the girl will say is "chibi." Luna suggests that they take her to the police station, but when they look away for a second the child has vanished.

At Ginga TV, Reiko Aya throws out all of Chuuko Nezu's things, then pauses for a snack. Akane Karasuma arrives and chides her for not taking her job seriously, and wonders about the fact that her rival is a complete airhead. Akane tells her to go off and find a target, but Reiko says she needs to eat her lunch first.

Usagi arrives home and is shocked to find the little red-haired girl there. Her mother tells her that she was mean to go out without taking her little sister, "Chibi Chibi," along. Usagi and Luna exchange baffled looks.

Usagi and her friends stand outside the store, watching Ikuko and Chibi Chibi shopping inside, and wonder about the identity of the strange little girl. They wonder if she could be Chibiusa's little sister, but Setsuna appears again and tells them that Neo-Queen Serenity only has the one daughter. She adds that the girls need to be careful, because even though Chibi Chibi is small, she could still be dangerous. Just then, Ikuko emerges from the store calling for Chibi Chibi, who has wandered off. The girls split up to search for her.

As Usagi walks down the street, she spots a policeman attempting to talk to Chibi Chibi, but the little girl will only repeat the end of his sentences. As she gets closer, Usagi is startled to find the "policeman" is really Seiya, who is honorary police chief for the day. The three of them head back to the police station, and Seiya comments that Chibi Chibi looks enough like Usagi to be her daughter. When Usagi is unexpectedly embarassed by the comment, he asks her if she's keeping a secret. She says that she isn't, but then corrects herself and says that she is about a few things, and he tells her they shouldn't keep secrets from each other.

At the police station, Taiki and Yaten are waiting there with Ikuko, who is pleased to be reunited with Chibi Chibi. The actual Police Chief congratulates the idol for doing a good job as a policeman. As they talk, Akane and Reiko watch the chief from a distance, marking him as a potential target. The chief walks past them on his way out, and Akane has to push Reiko into going after him.

Usagi suddenly realizes that Rei and the others are still searching and runs off. Outside, she runs into Setsuna, who tells her that the others went to watch a Three Lights parade.

Reiko approaches the chief as he goes to his car, then reveals herself as Sailor Aluminum Seiren and removes his Star Seed. She is disappointed when it turns out to be a blank, and calls Akane a liar for choosing a bad target. Usagi and Setsuna hear him scream and, after transforming into Sailor Moon and Sailor Pluto, confront the Animamate. Sailor Lead Crow reveals herself as well, and Sailor Pluto attacks, but they easily dodge and mock the Sailor Senshi. The two Animamates then depart, leaving the Senshi to deal with the newest Phage, Sailor Cop.

Sailor Cop attacks, but Sailor Star Fighter appears with the other Starlights and stuns the Phage with Star Serious Laser. Sailor Moon then returns him to normal with Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss. The Starlights observe that new enemies have arrived, and Sailor Moon must be strong to destroy them. Chibi Chibi watches from a hiding place a short distance away.

Later that night, Usagi attempts to write a letter to Mamoru about what has been happening, but every attempt ends up in the garbage. When she finally gives up, Chibi Chibi arrives at her room, upset because she wet the bed. Usagi offers to let the girl sleep with her, and as she tucks her in, thinks that the child doesn't seem dangerous at all.

Episode Trivia[edit]

  • When Sailor Aluminum Seiren gave Eternal Sailor Moon her business card, she was not wearing her bracelets.
  • This episode was omitted from the first Korean dub.


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