Crystal Star

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Transformation Item
The Crystal Star in the anime
Name: Crystal Star
Name (kanji/kana): クリスタル・スター
English Name: Crystal Star Locket, Brooch (Viz dub)
Item Form (e.g. compact, pen, etc.): Compact
Used by: Usagi Tsukino
To Become: Sailor Moon
Activation Phrase: Moon Crystal Power, Make Up
First Appearance (anime): A New Transformation! Usagi Powers Up
First Appearance (manga): Act 14 Shuuketsu Soshite Hajimari PETIT ÉTRANGER

The Crystal Star was the second item that Usagi used to transform into Sailor Moon. It was also used to perform Moon Crystal Power on the Spectre Sisters and Black Lady.

In the anime, it was created when the Silver Crystal merged with her original transformation brooch. In the manga and Crystal, Queen Serenity left it for Usagi in the Chamber of Prayer, and Usagi found it when she visited the restored Moon Castle after the defeat of Queen Metalia. Usagi simply had to place the Silver Crystal inside the brooch in order to use it.


  • In Act 14 of the manga, Usagi used the empty Crystal Star to transform into Sailor Moon with Moon Crystal Power, Make Up, while the Silver Crystal was still attached to the Moon Stick. In Act 26, however, she only had to use the Silver Crystal to transform with the same command.