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The following is a list of the disguises that were made by Minako Aino's compact in Codename: Sailor V, the Sailor Moon manga, and Sailor Moon Crystal. Minako also used the Disguise Pen once in the anime, in which the compact did not appear.

Codename: Sailor V[edit]

A Sentai-Heroine-Style Armored Warrior[edit]

A Policewoman[edit]

A Pretty-Boy Idol[edit]

A GI Fighting Girl[edit]

A Debuting Idol Beauty[edit]

A Beautiful Maid[edit]

A Hawaiian Bikini Gal[edit]


A Beautiful Executive Secretary[edit]

A Hair and Makeup Artist[edit]

A Top Cat Breeder[edit]

A Shogun[edit]

A Top Pharmaceuticals Medical Representative[edit]

An Enka Singer[edit]

An Extremely Sexy and Fresh-Faced Junior Idol[edit]

Ching Shih[edit]

Sailor Moon Manga and Crystal[edit]

A Male Mugen Academy Student[edit]

A T·A Academy for Girls Student[edit]