Chibiusa's Adventure! The Dreaded Vampire Castle

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Chibiusa begins to suspect that a mysterious transfer student is actually a vampire.


Sailor Moon SuperS Special
Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon watch the Sailor Special Garlic Attack in awe...
Name (Kana): ちびうさの冒険! 恐怖、吸血鬼の館
Name (Romaji): Chibi Usa no Bouken! Kyoufu, Kyuuketsuki no Yakata
Name (Translated): Chibiusa's Adventure! The Dreaded Vampire Castle
Name (Viz Dub): Chibi-Usa's Adventure: The Vampire Mansion of Terror
Episode Number: 3
Director: Takuya Igarashi
Writer: Genki Yoshimura
Animation Director: Taichi Nakamura
Air Date: April 8, 1995
Previous Episode: The Return of Haruka and Michiru! The Ghostly Puppet Show
Next Episode: None
Chibiusa's class at Juuban Municipal Primary School is introduced to a new transfer student, Lilica Hubert. The boys in the class are all fascinated by the beautiful newcomer, apart from Kyuusuke, who has fallen asleep. After school, Chibiusa, Momoko, Kyuusuke, and Ishihara talk to Lilica and discover that she lives at the nearby embassy. Momoko recalls that the old building is supposed to be haunted, but Kyuusuke chastises her for scaring Lilica. Lilica becomes faint, and Ishihara agrees to walk her home.

The next day, Chibiusa's teacher announces that Ishihara is absent. Lilica says she doesn't know where he is, but Kyuusuke says that Ishihara's parents called him last night, concerned that he hadn't come home yet. Later, Chibiusa and Momoko see Lilica in the school garden, picking the flowers. Momoko tells her to stop, but Lilica argues that it is better to pick the flowers before they wither and die. When Chibiusa says that the wilting flowers will produce seeds for next year, Lilica simply stares at her, commenting that she has plump, delicious-looking cheeks. After she leaves, Chibiusa and Momoko notice that the flowers where she was sitting have all died.

The next morning, Chibiusa meets Kyuusuke outside school. He says that Kuwano walked Lilica home last night, and is now missing. They spot Lilica heading for the garden and follow her. She picks a flower, then eats it, baring sharp fangs. Chibiusa and Kyuusuke recoil, frightened.

At the Tsukino residence, Usagi and her friends discuss Chibiusa's story. The girls joke that Lilica must be a vampire, and that she could only be killed by a stake through the heart. Usagi has a better idea, recalling that vampires are afraid of garlic, and uses this as a ploy to make Mamoru buy them all Korean barbecue.

The next day, Lilica is not in school, so Chibiusa is asked to pass on some homework to her. Momoko and Kyuusuke accompany her to her embassy, despite her slightly repellant breath (the result of overindulging on Korean barbecue). At the embassy, they discover a graveyard full of the same flowers that Lilica was seen eating. Lilica then appears and invites them inside.

Lilica is amused by their notion that she is a vampire. She claims that the flowers she was seen eating were merely flower-shaped sweets. Relieved, Momoko asks to use the bathroom, and Lilica offers to show her the way. After a while, Chibiusa worries that Momoko has been gone a long time, and she and Kyuusuke go to investigate. Chibiusa eventually finds Lilica in a huge chamber, standing over an unconscious Momoko. When she and Kyuusuke enter the room, they also find Ishihara and Kuwano, likewise unconscious. Lilica is suddenly nowhere to be found, until she appears behind them, calmly commenting that they have discovered her secret: she has been drinking blood from the incapacitated children. Lilica transforms into a vampire-like Lemures and knocks Kyuusuke out cold before preparing to attack Chibiusa. She is stopped by Tuxedo Mask, while Usagi appears in the doorway. Usagi and Chibiusa transform and confront the vampire. The rest of the Sailor Team arrive, and paralyse the vampire with their new special move: Sailor Special Garlic Attack (merely expelling their barbecue-fueled breath at the vampire). Sailor Chibi Moon calls Pegasus, and Sailor Moon then fires a Moon Gorgeous Meditation at the monster. She defiantly claims that there are many more of her kind lying in wait, then disappears, replaced by the real Lilica. As her classmates wake up, Sailor Chibi Moon assures Lilica that she was just having a long dream.

In the Dead Moon Circus tent, Zirconia informs the Amazon Trio that another Lemures has been destroyed. However, she says that they still have many more Lemures at their disposal.

Back at the fountain, Usagi receives a call from Ami, who says that the enemy has appeared again. She rushes off to confront them, without realising that she doesn't know where she's supposed to be going.

Episode trivia[edit]

  • The final scene of this episode returns to the setting of the first episode of the special.