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Character Information
Name: Cenicienta
Name (kanji/kana): セニシエンタ
Alignment: Death Busters
Species: Daimon
Gender: Female
Lives: N/A
Occupation: Daimon under the supervision of Kaolinite
Family: None
Associates: Kaolinite
Aliases: None
First Anime Appearance: Usagi in Tears! Glass Shoes for Her Birthday
First Manga Appearance: N/A
First PGSM Appearance: N/A
English Name: Senishenta (dub), Cenicienta (Viz dub)
Actors: Konami Yoshida (anime), Mary Long (dub)

Cenicienta was a Daimon supervised by Kaolinite, created from the fusion of a Daimon Egg and a glass slipper. She attacked Usagi Tsukino for her Pure Heart Crystal.

Cenicienta had the appearance of a muscular, armored woman made of glass. Despite her appearance, she had a very high-pitched voice. She could transform her right arm into a sword in order to attack. She could also breathe shards of glass to render her opponents solid, or trap people inside other glass structures or walls.


  • "Cenicienta" is the Spanish name for Cinderella, which is why this Daimon was associated with glass slippers.
  • She was one of the few monsters-of-the-day to appear in more than one episode.
  • Cenicienta frequently appended her speech with "shienta" (シエンタ), the Japanese pronunciation of the latter part of her name.
  • Cenicienta appeared in two forms in the video game Sailor Moon: Another Story. She first appeared as the first enemy and boss that Sailor Moon fought when rescuing Naru at Osa-P, and later could be encountered inside the train at the Tokyo train station. A silver-colored version of Cenicienta appeared outside of Kainess Village. The Bishoujo Senshi Translations patch of the game named the first version "Perisan-Cut" and the second one "WScenicienter."
  • Although Cenicienta had a high-pitched voice in the original version, in most of the foreign-language dubs she was given a deep voice. The Portuguese and Korean dubs were the only foreign-language dubs that gave Cenicienta a high-pitched voice.