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As the enemy's power grows stronger and threatens to overwhelm the Earth, Sailor Chibi Moon discovers her own new power.


Episode Data
The Sailor Senshi gather together
Original Episode
Name (Kana): Act.36 無限10 無限大―上空
Name (Romaji): Act.36 Mugen 10 Mugendai - Joukuu
Name (Translated): Act.36 Infinity 10 Infinity - Sky
Episode Number: 37
Manga Chapter: Act 36 Mugen 10 Mugendai - Joukuu
Animation Director:
Air Date: June 13, 2016
Previous Episode: Act.35 Mugen 9 "Labyrinth Mugen" 2
Next Episode: Act.37 Mugen 11 Mugendai - Shinpan

The sky grows darker over Mugen Academy, the storm becoming stronger, and Sailor Moon and the Outer Senshi see Mistress 9 glowing with power. Sailor Moon cries out Hotaru's name. Purple light flares within the building, and Sailor Pluto says that an anomaly is growing around the area. The purple light flares again and Mugen Academy splits open in an explosive burst. Out of the ruins Kaolinite's reflecting pool rises, with the bodies of the four Inner Senshi held suspended over its surface. Sailor Moon tries to get closer, but an unseen force throws her back again. Mistress 9 appears hovering above the fountain, and Sailor Moon cries out that she is not Hotaru.

Sailor Neptune looks into her mirror and sees the vision of the destroyed city. She looks toward the bay and says that the sea is beginning to rage. Sailor Uranus looks to the sky and replies that a storm is coming, and Sailor Pluto says that the distortion in space-time is growing larger. Purple liquid begins to fountain up from where Mugen Academy stood, and Mistress 9 declares that the time has come for Pharaoh 90 to merge with the planet, making it his vessel, and in so doing turn it into the new home of the Tau Star System. The Outer Senshi split up and each one takes up a position on tall buildings at each corner of the triangle in the center of the Sankakusu. The three raise their Talismans in the air and, swearing to protect this world, join their powers to form a barrier over the area that keeps Pharaoh 90 trapped within. Mistress 9 says that their efforts are useless, and notes that once her master has finished his vesselization, she will no longer need her human body. She digs her fingers into her chest and begins to take on a monstrous appearance.

In the Secret Base, the moon cats watch with alarm, saying that if this continues Mistress 9 will destroy Hotaru's body.

Mistress 9's transformation abruptly halts and Hotaru's spirit appears, declaring that this is her body and she will not let the other free. Mistress 9 is surprised that the girl she'd thought was long gone had survived, but says that she powered up with the Silver Crystal and can't be stopped by such a weak Hoste. When she retaliates against Hotaru, Sailor Moon tries to help the girl by using Moon Spiral Heart Attack, but Mistress 9 easily blocks the attack. Hotaru floats in darkness with Chibiusa's soul and the Silver Crystal and declares that she will protect them no matter what, blocking Mistress 9 from using the power of the crystal.

Enraged, Mistress 9 declares that she needs more power, and looks at the Inner Senshi. A ball of light leaves each body and flies to Mistress 9, and Sailor Moon watches in horror as she devours the souls of the Sailor Senshi. Within the Daimon, however, Hotaru's spirit finds the lights of their souls and cradles them to her protectively. As she fights against Mistress 9, Hotaru thinks that even though she has nothing left, there is still something else inside of her, a stronger self which tells her to save everyone.

A streak of light suddenly bursts free of Mistress 9, and the four souls return to their bodies. Mistress 9 is at first alarmed that Hotaru freed the souls she had devoured, but then pleased that she no longer has to deal with interference.

The Inner Senshi open their eyes again, and Sailor Moon's delight turns to surprise when she sees Hotaru's spirit hovering behind them. Hotaru smiles at them and then disappears once more.

Mamoru opens his eyes, realizing he dozed off, and sees Hotaru's spirit floating in his open window. Chibiusa's soul and the Silver Crystal drift from her open hand and float across the room, then disappear into Chibiusa's body. Chibiusa opens her eyes and sees Hotaru. Hotaru says she is happy she was able to save her friend, and says it must have been fate that they met, to which Chibiusa enthusiastically agrees. Even as the two reach out toward each other, a monstrous creature rips free of Mistress 9's body, and Hotaru cries out as she begins to fade away. She smiles at Chibiusa, saying that she was glad they were able to be friends, and as she speaks of her love she vanishes. Chibiusa cries out her friend's name, and begins to weep. Watching her, Mamoru clenches his fist, then asks if she is willing to help him fight with Sailor Moon. Chibiusa dries her eyes and declares that she will fight, because she is a Sailor Senshi. She transforms into Sailor Chibi Moon, then heads off to join the battle, saying that even if she doesn't have as much power as Sailor Moon she will still fight. Mamoru watches her leave, thinking that he feels filled with power from both Chibiusa and Hotaru, and transforms into Tuxedo Mask.

The monster grows larger, then senses the Silver Crystal that Sailor Moon holds and lunges toward her to take it. The Inner Senshi combine Jupiter Coconut Cyclone, Mars Snake Fire, Mercury Aqua Mirage, and Venus Wink Chain Sword and attack, but it only stops the monster for a brief second. It is suddenly struck from behind by Pink Sugar Heart Attack as Sailor Chibi Moon arrives, and falls into the swirling mass below. Sailor Chibi Moon tells the others that Hotaru gave her life to protect her, then declares that Hotaru is still within her heart, and the other Senshi tearfully agree.

The monster abruptly surges back up and strikes at the barrier the Outer Senshi are holding, making it crack. Tuxedo Mask arrives and tells them the barrier will not last long, so Sailor Moon needs to transform into Super Sailor Moon and quickly destroy the monster. Sailor Moon summons the Holy Grail with the help of the other Senshi as Sailor Chibi Moon watches, wishing that someday she could be as strong as Sailor Moon. As she reaches up toward the others, a second Holy Grail appears above her.

In the Secret Base, the cats cry out in surprise at the sight, and Artemis says that Sailor Chibi Moon's strong desire is awakening a new power.

The two moon Senshi transform into their Super forms, then exchange looks and cross their wands to combine powers.

Episode Trivia[edit]

  • As of this episode, in the last shot of the opening sequence, Sailor Chibi Moon was replaced with Super Sailor Chibi Moon.


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