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As the Sailor Senshi wonder at the appearance of strange new Senshi, they encounter a new enemy - Eudial of the Witches 5.


Episode Data
Eudial attacks Sailor Jupiter
Original Episode
Name (Kana): Act.28 無限2 波紋
Name (Romaji): Act.28 Mugen 2 Hamon
Name (Translated): Act.28 Infinity 2 Ripples
Episode Number: 29
Manga Chapter: Act 28 Mugen 2 Hamon
Director: Hayao Yashiro
Writer: Yuji Kobayashi
Animation Director: Paul Año-nuevo
Air Date: April 18, 2016
Previous Episode: Act.27 Mugen 1 Yokan ・ Kouhen
Next Episode: Act.29 Mugen 3 Futari NEW SOLDIERS

In the aftermath of their battle with the Daimon, the Sailor Senshi watch the two mysterious figures leap off into the night, wondering who they might be - and if they're enemies. Sailor Moon's attention is drawn away when Sailor Chibi Moon calls to her, showing that the wound on her arm has now vanished. The dark-haired girl tells them she's had that power since she was little, then turns to leave after warning them they should go before the security guards see them. Sailor Chibi Moon asks the girl's name, and she introduces herself as Hotaru Tomoe.

As soon as Hotaru is inside, she collapses again and Kaolinite appears, telling her that she should go back to her room. Hotaru pushes her away roughly, and her father arrives, chiding her for treating "Kaori" like that, because Kaori has treated Hotaru well since her mother died. Hotaru becomes angry that her father's assistant is trying to interfere with her family and runs away. The professor watches her go and remarks that he has spoiled her since her mother died.

Hotaru lies on her bed, moaning in pain. Her father comes in and asks if she took her medicine; she says that she did, but it isn't helping. As he sets his hand on Hotaru's forehead she flinches. He gives her an amulet, saying that it will help. After he leaves she wonders at how cold his hands are, but her thoughts turn to her worries about how much worse her attacks are becoming. She wonders how long her body can hold out.

At the Secret Base, the Senshi and the moon cats watch images of the two mysterious figures and wonder who they could be, observing that it looked like Senshi. Usagi thinks that if they were really Senshi, they would have sought out their allies, which makes the others suspect the pair are enemies. The cats warn of other suspicious people, and bring up images of Michiru and Haruka , which makes the girls remember their encounters with the two at Mugen Academy. Usagi notices Chibiusa sitting nearby and asks if she's all right; Chibiusa replies that she was thinking about Hotaru. Usagi wonders about the strange girl and the power she had to heal.

Kaolinite stands before the fountain in the enemy's dark lair, watching images of the Senshi reflected in the water. She observes that the Silver Crystal's light is similar to that of the Taioron Crystal, only more powerful, and thinks that Pharaoh 90 will be pleased if she obtains it. First, though, she needs to investigate the light that will bring destruction upon them. She holds a crystal like Hotaru's amulet above the water and three lights appear. A voice speaks of the awakening of the three Talismans and coming destruction. Her vision is interrupted as water splashes up, and simultaneously Mamoru wakes from a dream. Kaolinite wonders if someone interfered with her scrying.

Mamoru stares out the window of his apartment, wondering at the dream he keeps having, in which someone calls for something to awaken, and speaks of destruction and three Talismans. He looks over at the sleeping Usagi and Chibiusa and wonders if it's a call for them to collect the Talismans, or a warning.

Haruka finds Michiru looking into her mirror and asks what is wrong. Michiru replies that she was trying to read the mirror and something interfered, making it cloudy. Haruka embraces her from behind and says that it might still be too late no matter what they do, but Michiru insists that fate is already moving, and they will find all three Talismans.

In a bookstore, Mamoru pages through a book about Mugen Academy and remembers what Luna had told him about Professor Souichi Tomoe, the owner of the Mugenzu and Mugen Academy. Michiru approaches, seeing the book, and tells him that Professor Tomoe is very famous, even if he was expelled from the academic world years before. Michiru then mentions that some refer to the Academy as a training school for sorcerers, and speculates that it might be called that because of the special and talented people who attend it. A fan of Michiru interrupts them to ask her for an autograph. Mamoru asks if she, the violinist Michiru Kaiou, is one of those sorcerers. She smiles offers him two tickets to her upcoming concert. Usagi sees them talking and wonders why they are together, and again thinks of the hidden face of the mysterious Senshi.

As Usagi enters the Game Center Crown, Haruka grabs one of her pigtails and tugs it, giving her a cheerful greeting. Usagi remembers the masked figure she saw, thinking that Haruka looks familiar, and without thinking, she asks if Haruka could be a Sailor Senshi. Haruka simply laughs it off, asking if Usagi and her friends are playing fighting games. The other girls arrive and firmly warn Haruka not to get near Usagi.

Chibiusa joins the others at the Fruits Parlor Crown and tells them that she is the president of her class now. Minako observes that Chibiusa is in second grade, and they are in the third year of junior high, and Usagi is immediately dismayed by the thought of upcoming entrance exams. Makoto tries to cheer them up by pointing out that it's almost Rei's birthday, but then notices the girl isn't there. Minako says that Rei went to train in the mountains and cleanse herself for her fifteenth birthday.

The image of Eudial appears in Kaolinite's pool, and she tells the Magus that she, disgused as Yuko Arimura, leader of the Philosophy and Etiquette class at Mugen Academy, will gather souls and vessels for their master.

As they speak, Rei stands beneath a waterfall, eyes closed as she meditates.

Kaolinite approves of Eudial's plan, then notices a light near where Eudial is. The same voice as earlier speaks of awakening, the beginning of destruction, and the gathering of the three Talismans.

As water again splashes up from Kaolinite's pool, Rei suddenly opens her eyes and repeats the word, "Talismans."

Kaolinite wonders if these three "Talismans" are the lights Pharaoh 90 spoke of. She vows to find them and destroy them.

Rei wonders about what she'd sensed about Talismans and destruction, but is soon interrupted by the arrival of her friends, who came to wish her a happy birthday. Back at the building where Rei is staying, her friends shower her with cake and presents. Makoto notices a nearby camp with students from Mugen Academy, and Rei says it's part of the reason she's staying there. She says she is getting a bad feeling, and that they need to protect Usagi.

The girls go to investigate the sound of Mugen Academy students practicing judo in a building nearby. Haruka is one of them, and is surprised to see the girls there, but asks if any of them would like to practice as well. Makoto accepts the challenge, and is stunned to find herself easily beaten. Usagi is upset that Haruka would go all out against a girl, but Haruka replies that sex doesn't matter, and they can't protect their precious ones with such a mindset. Yuko arrives and demands to know what is going on, and the girls quickly flee.

In the night, Makoto is awakened as Rei tries to slip out quietly, and the two of them find the Mugen Academy students having some kind of meeting. As she stands before a large bonfire, Yuko announces that all the students must devote their minds and bodies to the school and their master, Pharaoh 90, and black stars appear on the students' foreheads.

Rei and Makoto transform into Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter and interrupt her, and she reveals herself to be Eudial of the Witches 5, of the Death Busters. Sailor Mars attacks with Mars Snake Fire, but Eudial shakes it off and retaliates with a blast of fire.

Ami wakes Usagi as Minako sees the fire blasts outside. They arrive just in time for Sailor Mercury to dispel Eudial's latest attack with Mercury Aqua Mist, and Sailor Moon uses Moon Spiral Heart Attack to destroy the enemy. The black stars disappear from the students' foreheads and they collapse to the ground, unconscious.

The other four members of the Witches 5 watch from nearby, and say that Eudial, the Fire Master, wasn't worthy to count herself one of them. They note that the Sailor Senshi are formidable foes and vanish.

The Senshi wonder at the mention of the "Death Busters," and ask themselves if this is their new enemy. At the sound of movement in the trees they turn to find a strange Senshi with short blonde hair leaving quickly. Sailor Moon runs after her, noting that the stranger is too fast, like the wind itself. She loses sight of her target and starts to turn back, but the other Senshi speaks up from her perch in a tree above. She warns Sailor Moon not to get in their way because fighting games are too dangerous, then leans in and kisses her.

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