A Mysterious New Senshi, Sailor Pluto Appears

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Episode Data
Sailor Pluto appears before the Inner Senshi
Original Episode
Name (Kanji/kana): 謎の新戦士 セーラープルート登場
Name (Romaji): Nazo no Shin Senshi Seeraa Puruuto Toujou
Name (Translated): A Mysterious New Senshi, Sailor Pluto Appears
Name (Viz Dub): The Mysterious New Guardian: Sailor Pluto Appears
Episode Number: 75
Director: Takuya Igarashi
Writer: Shigeru Yanagawa
Animation Director: Masahiro Ando
Air Date: November 20, 1993
Previous Episode: Defeat Rubeus! The Final Battle in Space
Next Episode: Magical Power of Darkness! Esmeraude's Invasion
First English Dub Episode
Name: The Secret of the Luna Sphere
Number: 68
Company: DiC
Air Date: December 2, 1998
Previous Episode: Rubeus Strikes Out
Next Episode: Emerald Takes Over

Chibiusa becomes ill suddenly, her mind invaded by the power of the Evil Black Crystal. Sailor Pluto, a Sailor Senshi from the future, appears to the Sailor Team to offer her help.


Chibiusa runs through the darkness, fleeing something that terrifies her. Suddenly she is confronted by an ominous male Droid. Chibiusa asks who he is, and the Droid says that she should know that, and he will take her to her mother; he then opens his cloak, revealing a black crystal against a starry field. Chibiusa falls into darkness, then cries out to her mother as a crystal covered city is destroyed with explosions of bright light.

In the Black Moon Clan's Headquarters, Esmeraude and Saphir bow before Prince Demande, who comments on the Evil Black Crystal. Saphir doesn't understand why they are bothering with the twentieth century. Esmeraude says she will take over where Rubeus left off and promises she won't fail like him. Saphir seems unconvinced, and says he doesn't think they need to go after the Silver Crystal or "the rabbit" at all; he thinks the Evil Black Crystal is invincible. Demande summons Wiseman, who tells Saphir that until the Silver Crystal is destroyed their own crystal will not be invincible. Demande says their ambitions follow the enegry of the crystal.

All the girls and the cats have gathered in Usagi's bedroom, where Chibiusa lies unconscious in Usagi's bed. Usagi is in tears because even the doctor does not know what is wrong with Chibiusa, and she is afraid for the girl. As Usagi's friends try to calm her down, Chibiusa begins to talk in her sleep. She speaks of the Evil Black Crystal and "those people," then as she cries out to "Puu," Luna P's eyes light up and it lifts into the air to hover over the unconscious girl. Luna P changes into a translucent orb in which appears the image of a woman who introduces herself as Sailor Pluto. Pluto says that the Evil Black Crystal is invading the mind of the girl who she refers to as "Small Lady," and will destroy her if they don't do anything. Sailor Pluto asks the girls to enter Chibiusa's mind so that they can save her, and they agree readily.

The girls, along with Luna and Artemis, awaken to find themselves in the ruins of a city which Ami guesses to be Crystal Tokyo. Rei says that this could just be what Crystal Tokyo looks like in Chibiusa's mind, and not in the real future. The girls then hear Chibiusa's cries, and follow them to find the girl cowering in fear and crying for her mother. She does not recognize them, though, and Ami surmises that the Chibiusa they see is dreaming of a time before she came to the 20th Century and met them. Believing the girls to be more enemies, Chibiusa runs off, and is attacked by the Droid she was running from before.

The girls catch up with her, and transform when they see what is happening. They confront the Droid, who is unimpressed and attacks them with his scythe. Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus combine Burning Mandala and Venus Love-Me Chain against him but it is ineffective. When they question him he replies that Chibiusa knows the reason, and Chibiusa runs away again. The others tell Sailor Moon to protect Chibiusa and, after she follows, stay behind to fight the Droid.

When Sailor Moon catches up to and confronts Chibiusa, the child accuses the Sailor Senshi of being allies of the Black Moon Clan who ravaged Crystal Tokyo and harmed her mother. Sailor Moon tells Chibiusa that she has come to help her and is not a friend of the Clan, but Chibiusa doesn't believe her. Finally, Chibiusa tells Sailor Moon she will trust her if the Senshi can save Chibiusa's mother.

Chibiusa takes Sailor Moon to the Crystal Palace, where her mother sleeps. Sailor Moon tries to get inside, but Chibiusa shows her that the Palace is surrounded by an energy barrier powered by the Evil Black Crystal. The cats arrive to tell Sailor Moon that the other Senshi are in trouble, and she tells them to watch Chibiusa while she returns to help her friends, but before she leaves she promises Chibiusa that she will help save the girl's mother. Sailor Moon returns to find the Senshi and the Droid in a stand-off, and tells the other girls about Chibiusa's mother being trapped in the Palace. Sailor Venus suggests that if they save Chibiusa's mother, perhaps that will cure her illness. Sailor Moon agrees but informs them of the problem of the barrier.

The Senshi decide to kill the Droid, but Sailor Venus warns Sailor Moon that he is difficult, as thus far none of their attacks have worked against him. Chibiusa approaches and sees the Sailor Senshi being attacked by the Droid, and all but Sailor Moon are knocked out. Luna begs Chibiusa to open her heart to everyone, as Sailor Moon valiantly tries to attack the Droid with her Cutie Moon Rod and is overpowered. The Droid catches sight of Chibiusa when the girl cries out after seeing Sailor Moon get hurt. He threatens her and Sailor Moon tells her to run. The Droid strikes the ground with his scythe, creating a crevasse, and as Chibiusa falls in Sailor Moon manages to grab onto her hand. Chibiusa asks her why she did this, and Sailor Moon tells her it is because they are friends. Sailor Moon struggles to keep a hold on Chibiusa, who tells her to let go before she falls into the crevasse herself, but Sailor Moon says she can't do this because the Sailor Senshi came to save her.

Chibiusa is moved by this, and remembers Sailor Pluto telling her about the Sailor Senshi, as well as the time Mamoru used a Tuxedo Mask puppet to tell her that Sailor Moon was invincible. Chibiusa asks Sailor Moon if this is true, and she replies that it will be if Chibiusa would open her heart and trust the Sailor Senshi. The Droid appears behind Sailor Moon, but Chibiusa tells the Senshi to kill him, and when attacks Sailor Moon she defends herself with her Cutie Moon Rod. As he struggles against her, a pink aura appears around her and she creates an energy surge which blasts the Droid away. The pink aura lifts Chibiusa to safety as Sailor Moon destroys the Droid with her Moon Princess Halation attack.

The Sailor Senshi, cats, and Chibiusa enter the Crystal Palace and find Chibiusa's mother resting within a glowing crystal. Chibiusa thanks Sailor Moon and the rest of the Senshi, reassuring them that she is okay now. As the room fills with rainbow colored light, Sailor Moon says that they are always with her, and Chibiusa agrees. Usagi and her friends awaken in her bedroom and are thanked by Sailor Pluto, who says that Chibiusa will be okay now.

Chibiusa awakens, and seeing the image of Sailor Pluto, tells her she wants to return to the future. Pluto, however, says she isn't ready and that the enemy is sure to return to the 20th Century with a new plot, so she should help protect that era instead of the future. Sailor Pluto then asks the Sailor Senshi to look after Chibiusa and not let go of the Silver Crystal. As Chibiusa hugs Usagi and begins to weep, Usagi makes a mental promise to protect her, the Silver Crystal, and the future.

Episode trivia[edit]

  • Sailor Pluto made her first true appearance in this episode.
  • Saphir also appeared for the first time in this episode.


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