A Beautiful Boy? The Secret of Haruka Tenou

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Episode Data
Minako is surprised to learn that Haruka is a girl
Original Episode
Name (Kanji/kana): 素敵な美少年? 天王はるかの秘密
Name (Romaji): Suteki na Bishounen? Tenou Haruka no Himitsu
Name (Translated): A Beautiful Boy? The Secret of Haruka Tenou
Name (Viz Dub): A Handsome Boy? Haruka Tenoh's Secret
Episode Number: 92
Director: Kunihiko Ikuhara
Writer: Katsuyuki Sumizawa
Animation Director: Hisashi Kagawa
Air Date: April 16, 1994
Previous Episode: The Rod of Love is Born! Usagi's New Transformation
Next Episode: Usagi's Idol! The Graceful Genius Michiru
First English Dub Episode
Name: Driving Dangerously
Number: 85
Company: Cloverway
Air Date: June 14, 2000
Previous Episode: Crystal Clear Again
Next Episode: Bad Harmony

Usagi and Minako become besotted with Haruka Tenou, an attractive and sophisticated boy...or so they believe.


As Usagi walks home from school, she pauses in front of Game Center Crown to look longingly at the door, then sternly tells herself that she has to study hard for exams just like everyone else. As she starts to leave, though, something catches her eye and she cries out in dismay.

Inside the arcade Minako is busily chatting with Motoki, and Usagi stalks up and loudly interrupts, demanding to know what Minako is doing there when everyone is supposed to be studying. Motoki explains that he invited Minako there because he thought she would need a break from studying, and Minako enthusiastically agrees, saying that they're only young once, and if they fail the exams anyway then they'll regret not taking the time to enjoy themselves. As she butchers another proverb in her explanation, though, Motoki sadly suggests that she does need to study, but she doesn't hear and just drags Usagi off to one of the games.

As Usagi and Minako play a racing game, a stranger enters the arcade. Once their game is over, Usagi suggests that they go to Rei's house to study with the others, but Minako insists they need to play. The stranger, who is wearing a Mugen Academy uniform, walks up and asks Usagi if she would mind if he played as well. The two girls are immediately love-struck by what they believe is a handsome boy, and Minako happily sits down to play against him. Once the race starts, though, the boy just sits there, saying that he needs to give Minako a handicap. She is annoyed by this, but once he finally joins the race the boy easily passes her and wins. As Minako bemoans her loss, the boy compliments her, making her blush. Just then a young woman in a Mugen Academy uniform arrives, greeting the boy as "Haruka," and apologizes for being late. The girls stare, awed by her beauty, and Haruka turns to leave with the girl after suggesting to Usagi that he play against her next time. As they walk out the door, the girl teases him about his new friends, suggesting that she might be jealous, but Haruka merely says that they're cute children. Usagi and Minako stare after the two, still in awe, and Motoki arrives and comments that he's seen them around lately.

Haruka and the girl go to a cafe to talk over coffee, and the girl comments that the sea is getting stormy lately, and they need to watch out. Usagi and Minako spy on them in the background, and Minako declares that Haruka is the perfect man for her, despite Usagi's fretting about how he obviously has a girlfriend.

Usagi and Minako continue to follow the couple, and Usagi continues to insist that the girl must be his girlfriend. Minako suggests that she doesn't have to come along, and points out that Usagi already has a boyfriend. When Haruka stops at Tuning Service Kameda Motor and the girl continues walking, Minako declares that they're not a couple after all, and they sneak up closer to listen as Haruka talks to the shop owner.

In his lab, Professor Tomoe asks Kaolinite about her progress. She says that she has almost found someone with a Pure Heart. The professor seems pleased, and creates a new Daimon Egg, sending it off to search.

The Daimon Egg arrives at Kameda Motor and implants itself in the steering wheel of the car Kameda is working on, without him or Haruka noticing. Outside, Minako suggests that Usagi go on to Rei's house, but she whines and insists she wants to watch the beautiful boy, too.

As Haruka watches Kameda work, he notices the edge of Minako's skirt at the edge of the door and smiles, asking "the kittens" how long they are planning to hide. He joins them outside and introduces himself as Haruka Tenou, a first-year high school student. When he asks if they have any other questions, Minako immediately bombards him with questions about the girl he was with, with Usagi echoing behind her. He asks if they mean his Michiru, and tells them their relationship is more than just that of a girlfriend, but suggests that they still have a chance. Michiru joins them then and chides Haruka, saying that he says that to all the girls. As the two of them chat, Minako and Usagi interrupt and demand to know if she is Haruka's girlfriend; she says no, and Minako immediately declares that she'll win him over.

At the Hikawa Shrine, Rei, Ami, and Makoto wonder where Minako and Usagi could be. Rei half-jokingly suggests that they found a handsome boy and are following him around, but then they pause and sigh, realizing it must actually be true.

Back at the auto shop, Haruka says that he likes to visit this shop because Kameda has dreams of becoming a renowned mechanic and working on the best cars. Michiru tells the girls that Haruka dreams of being one of the best racecar drivers, but Haruka says that that used to be his dream, but now he wants to do that which only he can do, even if he has to sacrifice something important. As he speaks, Michiru sets her hand on his, but the girls don't notice, as they're too busy staring at him in awe.

Inside the shop, Kameda finishes his work and closes the hood, but as he touches the steering wheel of the car the Daimon Egg hatches, and the car transforms into the Daimon Steering. Haruka starts to step forward as though going to help, but Michiru grabs his hand and prevents him. Minako and Usagi rush in, but slip on a patch of spilled oil and crash into a display. The Daimon removes Kameda's Pure Heart, then heads off to take the Crystal to Kaolinite. The girls emerge from the pile of cans that had landed on them and are disappointed to discover that Haruka has disappeared. They transform into Sailor Venus and Sailor Moon and head off in search of the Daimon.

Haruka and Michiru catch up to the Daimon on a motorcycle, and Haruka jumps the bike to land on the Daimon, making it crash. As Steering starts to get up again, Sailor Venus and Sailor Moon arrive on a bicycle and make their speeches. As the Daimon prepares to attack them, though, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune interrupt, saying that they're also looking for the talisman. The two mysterious Sailor Senshi attack simultaneously, immobilizing the Daimon long enough for Sailor Moon to destroy it with Moon Spiral Heart Attack. Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus examine the Pure Heart Crystal and decide that it isn't a talisman, then give it to Sailor Moon, telling her to return it to its owner.

Later at the Game Center Crown, the other girls find Minako and Usagi and discover what they've been up to. As they're talking, Michiru arrives, and Minako, Rei, and Makoto immediately ask where Haruka is. Michiru gestures toward the young woman standing next to her, and as they look again realize that now that Haruka has removed her uniform jacket and partially unbuttoned her shirt, she is most definitely female. Haruka laughs and points out that she'd never said she was a man. Minako sags in disappointment, while Ami sighs over their antics and Usagi self-righteously insists that she thought that Mamo-chan was better from the beginning.

Episode trivia[edit]

  • This was the first episode in which Haruka and Michiru appeared un-transformed. Also, this was the first episode in which Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune were seen clearly and disclosed their Senshi names (in the previous two episodes, they were only seen as silhouettes and remained nameless), and as of this episode they were added to the opening sequence.
  • Sailor Neptune's attack, Deep Submerge, was used (by name) for the first time in this episode, as was Sailor Uranus's attack, World Shaking.
  • In the first English dub, Minako used "Venus Crystal Power, Make Up" instead of "Venus Star Power."
  • Also in the first English dub, the scene when Steering was destroyed and reverted back to a car was flipped to make it appear that the driver's seat was on the left side.


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