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Sailor Moon's tiara
and barrettes

All of the Sailor Senshi, except for Eternal Sailor Moon and Sailor Cosmos, wore tiaras as part of their uniforms (unless they were wearing a mask, like Sailor V). The tiaras were golden in color and had a gemstone at the center of the forehead matching the individual Senshi's color scheme.

In the anime, Sailor Moon could use her tiara as a weapon in the attacks Moon Tiara Action and Moon Tiara Stardust. In the manga, she used it to perform Moon Frisbee and Moon Twilight Flash. She received upgrades to her tiara during the Dark Kingdom arc of the manga, but in every other manga arc it stayed the same. In the live-action series, she used it to perform Moon Tiara Boomerang.

Sailor Jupiter could also use an antenna attached to her tiara to channel lightning bolts for her attacks Supreme Thunder and Supreme Thunder Dragon, and it seemed to aid in Sparkling Wide Pressure and Jupiter Oak Evolution. On the now-defunct "Moon Prism Box" section of the official website, it was referred to as the "Thunder and Lightning Antenna" (雷電アンテナ).

The Inner Senshi and Outer Senshi could focus their energy into their tiaras in order to combine their powers, whether to help boost Sailor Moon's power or to perform magic in concert.

The Sailor Starlights wore simpler tiaras which looked like thin gold chains across their forehead with a star shape in the center.

In Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask had a jewel in the center of the second version of his mask, which made it similar in appearance to the tiaras worn by the Senshi.