The Simpsons Parody

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Lisa as Sailor Moon

The Simpsons Parody refers to references to the Sailor Moon series in the television show The Simpsons.

In episode 7 of the 15th season, "'Tis The Fifteenth Season," which first aired December 14, 2003, Lisa Simpson appeared dressed as Sailor Moon. As part of the usual special entrance The Simpsons did for each episode, everyone entered dressed as Japanese superheroes and anime characters: Lisa was Sailor Moon (and used a wand to send out a spray of hearts, similar to Moon Spiral Heart Attack), Homer was Ultraman, Bart was Astroboy, Marge was Jun of Gatchaman, and Maggie was Pikachu. Mount Fuji was visible in the background of the scene, and a bus bench spelled out the word "Simpsons" in katakana. The episode itself, however, was not related to Japan or anime.

In episode 9 of the 23rd season, "Holidays of Future Passed," which first aired December 11, 2011, the passing of time was signified by a series of family photos shown on the screen. In one of the photos Lisa was dressed as a Sailor Senshi with blonde ponytails and purple sailor fuku.