Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss

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Sailor Senshi Attacks
Attack Name: Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss
Attack Name (kanji/kana): スターライト・ハネムーン・セラピー・キッス
English Name: Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss, Star Light Honeymoon Therapy Kiss, Star Light Honeymoon Kiss, Starlight Honeymoon Kiss
Performed by: Sailor Moon
Item Required: Eternal Tiare, Sword (unnamed; musicals only)
First Used (anime): The Awakening of Saturn! The Ten Senshi Come Together (unnamed), A Goodbye and an Encounter! The Destiny of Flowing Stars (by name)
First Used (manga): Act 42 Yume 9 - Earth and Moon Dream
First Used (musical): Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss
in the anime

Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss was an attack used by Eternal Sailor Moon.

In the Stars season of the anime, she primarily used this attack to restore a Phage's Star Seed and return it to its human form. When this attack was used, pink light engulfed the Phage and a torrent of feathers rushed past it. It then cried out "Beautiful!" before returning to his or her normal state. Before the Sailor Animamates showed up, the attack was used more offensively to destroy Queen Nehellenia's Mirror Paredri.

In the manga, it was an offensive attack, first used to defeat Queen Nehellenia.

Also in the manga and musicals, there was a version of this attack performed by Eternal Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon together, called Starlight Honeymoon Double Therapy Kiss (スターライト・ハネムーン・ダブル・セラピー・キッス).

When Eternal Sailor Moon performed this attack, the Eternal Tiare appeared with a flash of pink light, then emitted streams of rainbow-colored light from the crystal at the top of the Tiare. It began to spin rapidly and she appeared behind it, hands outstretched to guide the spinning Tiare above her head and then in front of herself once more. She then grabbed hold of the Tiare with her right hand and light flashed. She called out the name of the attack as she spun around, holding the Tiare above her head, and on the final word raised it high in the air with both hands. Pink light flared at the top of the Tiare and streamed toward the target in multiple waves.

Starting in episode 176, feathers flew across the screen as Sailor Moon guided the spinning Tiare above her head toward the beginning of the sequence, but before that they were not present.

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