Panic in Nakayoshi World

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Video Game Information
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Name (original): パニック イン なかよしワールド
Name (romanized): Panikku in Nakayoshi Waarudo
Name (translated): Panic in Nakayoshi World
System: Super Nintendo
Publisher: Bandai
Release Date: 1994

Panic in Nakayoshi World is a video game released in 1994 by Bandai for the Super Nintendo game console. It features several characters from different manga series published in Nakayoshi magazine, including Sailor Moon characters.


One day, a whole bunch of monsters invaded the Nakayoshi World, guided by evil King Daima. The Blue-Haired Princess of Nakayoshi World sent out an urgent message of distress.

The four girls have volunteered to help the Princess to drive the wicked King Daima and his monsters out of Nakayoshi World.

The Heroines[edit]

  • Sailor Moon: the main character of the Sailor Moon series
  • Wapiko: the short purple-haired kid from "Kingyo Chuuihou" ("Goldfish Warning")
  • Kurumi: the blond tomboy in the lead role of "Kurumi to 7 Ninnokobitotachi" ("Kurumi & the 7 Dwarves")
  • Nagisa: the pink-haired girl in the red dress from "Chou Kuseni Narisou" ("I'll Make a Habit of It")

Game Play[edit]

The story mode is divided into five stages, with six rounds in each stage. The first four rounds of each stage are regular puzzle rounds, the fifth is a bonus round, and the sixth is a boss fight.

In the puzzle rounds the basic idea is to either defeat all fifteen enemies in that round, or defeat ten-fourteen enemies and go through the door that appears with the player's ally in tow, all before the timer runs out.

In the bonus rounds, the object is to clear away the blocks and grab as many power-up items as possible before the timer runs out, in order to prepare for the upcoming boss fight.

In the battle mode, each player races to find a key hidden somewhere within the blocks. Once it has been taken, a door will appear after a few seconds and the first player through it with the key wins that particular round.

Fan Translation[edit]

The game was fan-translated into English by a group of Sailor Moon fans who call themselves "Project: Sailormoon." This translation was released in August 2000, in the form of an IPS patch which replaced all dialogue in the game from Japanese to English.

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