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WikiMoon is an ongoing project to create a definitive database of information about Sailor Moon. Since it started in May 2006, the project's users have created 3,493 articles.

The goal of the project is to not only develop comprehensive information on the series itself, but the fandom as well. We'd like to provide a neutral ground for information, which takes into account multiple viewpoints but also gets to the truth behind events - eventually compiling a record of Sailor Moon fandom in the west. If you'd like to join us, then go to the Welcome page for tips on how to get started. (日本語)

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The seven Rainbow Crystals, or Nijizuishou (虹水晶), were present only in the anime. They were separate sections of the Silver Crystal, which came apart when Queen Serenity sealed away the Dark Kingdom's greatest warriors, the Seven Great Youma, during the attack on the Moon Kingdom in the Silver Millennium. Their colors were: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. They were sealed into six humans and one cat, each of whom were eventually tracked and attacked by members of the Dark Kingdom. Once the crystals were removed from their bodies, the carriers became the Great Youma they had the connection with. Sailor Moon was able to return them to normal with Moon Healing Escalation.

Not all of the rainbow crystals fell into the Dark Kingdom's hands; the Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru managed to obtain some of them. However, ultimately the minions of the Dark Kingdom got the crystals the Senshi possessed, so that Mamoru and the Dark Kingdom had all of them between them. The Dark Kingdom sought them to reawaken the Seven Great Youma, while Mamoru sought them because he was having dreams that indicated they would help him find the Silver Crystal and regain his lost memories.

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Do you remember the one where Usagi and Chibiusa took ballet lessons together in the hope of becoming prima ballerinas? Aim for the Prima! Usagi's Ballet was the 145th episode of Sailor Moon.

Usagi and Chibiusa stand in front of the studio of the Yamagishi Ballet Company, reading a poster advertising a performance of Giselle. According to the poster the studio offers free lessons for beginners and they are looking for new members for the cast of the upcoming ballet; the two girls immediately imagine themselves as star ballerinas and decide they will take lessons.

At the Fruits Parlor Crown, Usagi tells her friends about how she signed up for lessons and will be performing in Giselle - not as the title role, of course, but she says the role will be perfect for her. Chibiusa mournfully admits that they wouldn't allow children in. Rei teases Usagi about being part of such a romantic story, and when Usagi declares that her talent was clear to see, though the others wonder what will happen when people who actually know ballet see Usagi try to dance....

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Did You Know... About WikiMoon
...that Fisheye hated carrots?

...that there were two versions of "Kaze mo Sora mo Kitto..." used as the ending song during Sailor Moon Sailor Stars?

...that Sailor Venus once used Akuryo Taisan against an enemy?

...that there was only one episode of the anime (episode 166) in which no attacks were used at all?

...that Kotono Mitsuishi is the only one of the Sailor Senshi voice actors from the original anime in Sailor Moon Crystal?

...that nine people have played Tuxedo Mask in the Sailor Moon musicals - eight male and one female?

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