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Evil Group Information
Name: Dead Moon
Name (Kana): デッド・ムーン
English Name: Dark Moon, Dead Moon
Commander: Zirconia
Supreme Leader: Queen Nehellenia
Origin: The Dead Moon, with a base in the Dead Moon Circus tent in Tokyo
Subgroups: Amazon Trio, Amazoness Quartet
Important Members: Tiger's Eye, Hawk's Eye, Fisheye, CereCere, VesVes, JunJun, PallaPalla
Season (Anime): Sailor Moon SuperS
Arc (Manga): Dream
Monsters of the Day: Lemures

The Dead Moon was an evil organization headed by Queen Nehellenia and her subcommander Zirconia. They came to Earth during a total eclipse of the Sun, and took the guise of the Dead Moon Circus. In the manga, the date of their arrival was stated to be April 1.

[edit] List of Members