Act 1 - I am Sailor Moon!

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Usagi encounters a talking plush cat named Luna and discovers that she is Sailor Moon.


PGSM Episode
Luna talks to Usagi for the first time
Name (kanji/kana): わたしがセーラームーン!
Name (romaji): Watashi ga Seeraa Muun!
Name (translated): I am Sailor Moon!
Episode Number: 1
Director: Ryuuta Tasaki
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: October 4, 2003
Previous Episode: None
Next Episode: Act 2 - Ami Became a Friend

The night is lit by a full moon as an alarm sounds. A jewelry store has been burglarized, the cases smashed and the contents taken. A mysterious man in a tuxedo runs away from the scene, dropping a few pieces of loot as he goes, but then stops as he is confronted by Sailor V.

The two clash, then break away again, and Sailor V shakes her finger chidingly at her opponent. He charges at her again, but she cartwheels, slashing across his bag with her Crescent Moon Cutter as she passes him. The jewelry falls out of the new opening in the bag and he throws it down with a disgusted sneer, then runs off into the night with Sailor V close behind.

The next morning, "C'est la Vie" plays on Usagi's alarm. Shingo comes in to make her get up, and she insists that she'll get up as soon as the song is over - but as it turns out, it's been on repeat and now she's very late. In a panic, she runs off to get ready. She pauses before the TV to watch the news and discuss Sailor V's escapades with her mother, but Shingo reminds her of how late she is and she charges out the door.

Usagi is running as fast as she can toward school when a plush cat with a crescent moon on its forehead suddenly falls out of the sky and lands on her head. She sets the cat on a railing and runs off again, at which point it stands up and observes that it has finally found "her".

Annoyed at her tardiness, the teacher assigns Usagi to clean-up duty after school, but Naru stays as well to help her. Afterwards, the two of them go to Karaoke Crown as they now have the new Minako Aino album. Naru mentions that her mother is having a jewelry show, so they decide to head over to the hall and see it being set up. While the girls exclaim over the models, the plush cat appears once more, and the moon on its forehead glows red.

Usagi sneaks backstage and admires the models' dresses, and while there she bumps into a young man. She assures him that she's not really a model, to which he replies that nobody would make that mistake. Annoyed, she stomps off and deliberately bumps him again as she leaves. He hardly notices, though, as he eyes the jewelry being laid out for the show. He observes that he might just find the Silver Crystal here.

In the main hall, the cat searches about, its crescent moon still glowing red as it observes that there's something there. Up on the ceiling a Youma reaches down through a hole.

Mayumi talks to her daughter on the phone about how she's going to be working all night. She wishes Naru a good night and starts to go back to work, but the youma reaches for her. She turns around and sees it, her eyes growing wide with fear.

Back at the Tsukino residence, Usagi goes to bed, only to find the plush cat in her room waiting for her. She is startled when it moves and talks to her, but it introduces itself as Luna and asks her to listen. Luna tells her that there is a great evil that can only be destroyed by the Princess and Sailor Senshi, and she is one of those Senshi. Usagi, however, decides it's all just a dream and goes back to bed. Luna gives up for the time being, leaving behind a cell phone and a warning that Usagi should avoid the jewelry show.

Naru arrives at the hall to bring her mother the sandwiches she'd requested, but is surprised when her mother doesn't recognize her or remember the request.

In the meantime, Usagi wakes up, decides everything from the night before was just a dream after all, and heads off to go shopping.

Naru becomes increasingly disturbed by her mother's odd behavior and finally declares that she's not her mother, pushes her away, and runs out the door. As she flees she bumps into a young man and begs him for help, but he only smirks and reveals himself to be Jadeite. He knocks Naru unconscious, then orders the youma possessing Naru's mother to prepare to take the energy of everyone watching the jewelry show.

Luna sees the youma and wonders what to do, when she encounters Usagi trying to sneak into the hall, because she somehow knew Naru was in danger. Luna observes that she's starting to understand why this girl is a Senshi and gives Usagi her Heart Moon Brooch.

As instructed by Luna, Usagi takes a picture of one of the models using her new cell phone, which disguises her as that model. Using her new disguise, she goes in through the back entrance to the hall.

In the meantime, the show finishes and Mayumi Osaka comes out on stage to steal the energy of everyone there. Usagi appears and demands that she stop, but the youma just attacks her. At Luna's encouragement, she uses her new brooch to transform into Sailor Moon. Jadeite watches and wonders who Sailor Moon is.

The youma attacks and Sailor Moon panicks, not knowing what to do. Luna assures her that she should already know how to fight, at which point the gem on her tiara gleams and she stands up and begins to fight back. She pulls the Moonlight Stick out of her brooch and uses Moon Healing Escalation to exorcise the youma from Mayumi.

Excited by her victory, Sailor Moon doesn't notice as Jadeite throws a dagger at her, but the mysterious man in a tuxedo suddenly appears and pushes her out of the way. As he helps her back up, he observes that he may not have found what he was looking for, but he certainly found something interesting. Sailor Moon thanks him for saving her and asks his name, and he tells her he is Tuxedo Mask.

Naru wakes up in the back room and wonders at the strange dream she had.

Back at the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl is annoyed that someone dares to stand in her way.

Luna observes that the battle is just beginning. Sailor Moon replies that, somehow, she's kind of excited.

Episode Trivia

  • This was one of the only two episodes (the other one being the Special Act) featuring a fully digital and non-humanoid Youma.


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